Secretary PooleSC

A huge thank you to ALL our swimmers who took part in our anniversary celebrations last week in our revival of the old-fashioned PLUNGE COMPETITION across our pools and in all our squads.

See them in action in the video montage link below.

And for the beady-eyed among you - spot the error!

Who is actually showcasing the penguin sidestep? The secretary needs to go to Specsavers, cos it isn't Coach Chris. (CLUE? Initials AF!) :

The events took place within Covid squad bubbles, due to ongoing restrictions and we must also send a big shout out to our loyal and hugely supportive past presidents: Gail Nuttall, Gina Wilcox, Corinne McCrea, and mum of Olympic Team GB qualifier Jacob, Rachael Peters for attending and adding a bit of VIP pizazz to the occasion! 

And last but not least, thanks to our past presidents, who are still coaching within our club: Maralyn Lewis and Karen Yendole

Our Club President Sean Duffy was also in attendance at many of our squad sessions, sporting his ceremonial chains of office and we extend our thanks to him too for his support.

Of course, the events would have been nothing without the enthusiastic support and ISL-worthy commentary of our Club Coaches, so the gratitude continues and a big round of applause to them all for making it such fun for our swimmers, from our little fishies to our Masters and university swimmers, with our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Competitive Skills, County, Regional and National teams!

The snack bags proved a hit (show me a swimmer who doesn't love a good nose bag on the way home from training!) so another big thank you to TESCO's Community Fund for donating fresh fruit, protein bars and juice cartons for our hungry swimmers to enjoy. Thanks, as well to our Crowdfunder team for their top-up funding to enable our entire club to take part in a bit of old-fashioned fun to go with their old-fashioned backstroke and plunging shenanigans!