Barry Alldrick

Swimskills Academy Gold Squad Annual ROund Brownsea Island Challenge

On Sunday 12th December the Swimskills Academy Gold Squad set out to meet coach Maralyns annual round Brownsea Island Swim Challenge. The event is a fun challenge aimed at raising funds where 50% goes towards the club and 50% towards a nominated charity close to members of the squad, where this year it would be the Battens Fighters Forever chairty.  You can discover more about the Hover family’s brave and courageous story and discover more about this life-limiting disease here: Batten Fighters Forever

The record for the event was set by the class of 2018, who covered the distance in just 33mins and 59 seconds.  But Maralyn had a suspicion that the class of 2021 could get close or challenge the record, after a consistent block of training.

The route drawn by a secretive local artist

In true legendary coach form, Marlayn had not only created a competitive experience in the pool, but created more competition by swimmers, parents, and supporters donating to guess what time the team would swim the distance in, with the winner earning a 4-month membership at the Junction in Broadstone who had kindly donated the amazing prize.

With coaches Kate and Karen supporting Maralyn in motivating the team, who had dressed in their Christmas hats for the occasion, the swimmers swam their absolute hearts out.  Following the swim whilst many were laying on the poolside gasping for breath, they received the news and earned a new record in a finish time of 33minutes and 30 seconds.

Josh B was the winner closest to the time, winning the Junction in Broadstone membership and we hear he is deciding whether to use it for himself, give it as a Christmas present or sell it to his parents!

The event raised £400 where £200 will be presented to the Batten Fighter Forever Charity and £200 to Poole Swimming Club.

It's amazing to see our coaches, swimmers and parents working together and a big well done to Maralyn and her swimmers for breaking the record and raising funds for such a special charity. 

Maralyn praised the swimmers "This is a record time, a record amount raised from a small section of the club and I couldn't be prouder.  33 minutes and 30 secs of extreme team effort produced something special, YOU ARE THE BEST!"