PSC Swimmers Explode at Winchester Winter Sparkler

Barry Alldrick

Winchester Winter Sparkler, 2021

For the final racing opportunity of the year, a band of 29 swimmers from the Regional and National Academies headed to Winchester for the Winter Sparkler Meet. 

In an amazing brand new 8 lane 50m pool facility, with an all-encompassing gym, sports halls hosting multiple sports from netball to cricket, a climbing wall and many more facilities it would turn out to be an inspiring pool to race in.

If anyone from the BCP council is reading this, please go and visit the centre to see what could be updated in our area to provide our communities with pathways and opportunities in a range of sports.  The pool turns into 2 pools with a boom that comes up from the floor to create two pools, with a 20m teaching pool attached, the centre then has the versatility to provide 3 pools for multi-user scenarios so the public and clubs can enjoy swimming at the same time.

In the 50m Pool set up, the Winter Sparkler provided an explosive array of performances for Poole Swimming Club competitors amassing 118 long course personal bests from 137 races, an impressive 86% personal best rate.  Indeed, the other 19 races that were not personal bests became season bests by default, as this was the first long course competition of the year, where the intent was to race, learn and then develop race models as we build to the regional and summer national championships.

Along with the personal bests, the swimmers earned an impressive 77 Medals between them, with 36 being Gold along with 5 Club Records.


Freya C earned her first club record-equalling Sheila’s 50m Free record set 3 years ago. A teammate of the same age, Jes H added her fourth event to Poole Swimming Club Age Group record board equalling a 100m Butterfly records set 10 years ago.


Catherine E, beat the six-year-old Long Course Senior Record for 50m Back, as she now owns the short course and long course Senior Records in this event.   Ollie J claimed his first age group club record beating a 9-year-old 50m Breast-stroke record.  Luca S added to his long list of club records taking the 50m Free Club Record in his age group with an impressive display of speed.

Event Winners- Gold Medallists

5              Robbie H              50m & 100m & 200m Back, 50m Fly, 200m IM

5              Ollie J                    50m & 100m & 200m Breast, 200m Fly, 200m IM

4              Luca S                    50m Free, 100m Fly, 50m & 100m Back

4              Jes H                      100m Free, 100m Back, 50m & 100m Fly

3              Erin M                   50m,100m & 200m Back                              

3              Freddie B             100m & 200m Breast + 200IM

3              Leo W                   50m & 200m Free, 100m Breast

2              Alex C                    50m & 100m Fly

2              Freya C                 50m & 100m Free

1              Arron H                200m Fly

1              Catherine E         50m Fly

1              Polly G                 100m Breast

1              Holly O                 100m Breast

1              Lottie V                50m Breast


Silver Medallists

4              Jack P                    200m IM, 50m & 200m Free, 50m Breast

3              Catherine E         50m & 100m Free, 50m Back

2              Amy G                   100m & 200m Back

2              Luca S                    50m Fly, 50m Breast

2              Emily P                 200m IM, 200m Free

2              Leo W                   50m Fly, 100m Free

2              Freddie H             100m Back, 100m Free

2              Poppy B                100m & 200m Breast

2              Charlie M             50m Free, 50m Back

1              Holly O                 50m Breast

1              Lottie V                100m Breast

1              Jes H                      200m Back

1              Scarlett C             100m Free

1              Freya C                 200m Free

1              Miron W              200m Breast

1              Arron H                200m Free

1              Freddie B             50m Free

1              Luca G                   50m Breast


Bronze Medallists

2              Max L                    50m Fly, 200m Back

2              Poppy B                100m Free, 50m Breast

1              Catherine E         100m Fly

1              Freya C                 100m Back

1              Freddie B             50m Breast

1              Ollie D                   100m Breast

1              Arron H                100m Fly

1              Leo W                   50m Breast

1              Polly G                  100m Breast

1              Bea R                     200m Back


Beautiful Smiles from the Coaches and Team Managers as they leave the last racing opportunity of 2021 proud of their swimmers.