Jack Hops into Masters Coach Role

Barry Alldrick

Jack Hops into Masters Coach Role

Poole Swimming Club offers a warm welcome to Jack Hopkins who has been appointed as our new Master's Swimming Coach after a successful trial period with the club during January. Jack’s enthusiasm and passion on the poolside have been thoroughly enjoyed by the range of adults that are swimming up to 4 times per week with the club.

Jack is currently studying Sports Coaching at Bournemouth University and has been teaching and coaching swim since he was 16 with local clubs, fitness, and learn to swim programs.  Jack can bring a rich empathetic experience to Master’s swimming having gained the bug for swimming as a late teen he entered his first competition (at the National Masters Championships) when he was 20.

Jack will work with Karen our Master’s Secretary as the duo develop Poole Swimming Club Masters Swimming with the first part of the strategy to bring a more in-depth competitive and social calendar to the program.  

Karen a distinguished swimmer that has been with the club for over 30 years, has been reinvigorated by Jack's training and described it as “challenging and varied, with a great mix of technique on all four strokes, tough fitness sets, and often surprise sprints thrown in”.   

If you or anyone you know is interested in seeing what Jack’s training sets are about, please contact Karen at [email protected]