National Arena League B FInal

Barry Alldrick

National Arena League B Final

On Saturday 4th March the group of swimmers, coaches, and officials attended the National Arena League B Final hosted at the prestigious Cardiff Swimming Pool. The first time the club had qualified for a National Final.  With 300 teams across England and Wales and up to 12000 swimmers competing, to make the top 20 clubs was a huge achievement.

Poole went into the B Final gala ranked 5th and our small band of mighty supporters had prepared for the occasion brilliantly.

Bev, sporting yellow hair, and Tracy not missing this for anything

After singing the National Anthems and parading the bright yellow and black of Poole around the poolside, the team set about their business with captains delivering a motivating speech and the coaches rewarding each swimmer with a Poole Swimming Cap that was colored Gold, the traditional color of the club donated to the generously by parent Kristian Robinson (Big thanks)

Return to the Golden times

The scores along the competition were called out with the club ranging from 2nd to 5th throughout the gala where they brilliantly stepped up from 5thto take 3rd place in the first National Arena League B Final behind Western League colleagues Cardiff who finished 2nd and Basildon who took the B Final title.


The PSC Way 

During the competition In the relay challenge the club also finished third (where all the times are added together from relay results)

The team earned wins in the evening with the Open Mixed Medley Relay team of Robbie, Ollie, Catherine, and Halle. Individual wins went to Robbie (100m Back) Ollie (100m Breast) Freddie (100m Breast) Leo (100m Free). 

Robbie H earned the top male swim of the meet, where Propulsion Swimming put together this montage: 

Robbie Hemmings Top Male

With so many positive well-paced swims and so much support for each other, it really was the proudest Inter Club Gala the coaches and experienced.  It was Mike Smiths' 40th year attending National League fixtures, and he summed up the evening.  "That was a special one to remember, the team was brilliant"

The result is one to be celebrated by the whole club including all the training partners of team members, coaches along the pathway, and volunteers and supporters.  A real team effort.

A big thank you to Team Managers, Mike, Dave, Phil, and Steve, along with officials Sarah, Steve, and Stuart.

Pictured (Not Right Said Fred, but Phil and Mike)

A big well done to the team of: 

  • Leo C
  • Jack F
  • George CJ
  • Joshua WO
  • Poppy C
  • Daria K
  • Alex E
  • Damian FK
  • Jack P
  • Leo W
  • Macie C
  • Erin Mc
  • Grace M
  • Halle R
  • Lexie T
  • Freddie B
  • Cody C
  • Freddie H
  • Luca S
  • Freya C
  • Halle H
  • Jes H
  • Robbie H
  • Ollie J
  • Charlie M 
  • Max L
  • Alex C
  • Catherine E
  • Aimie Q
  • Betsy V