PSC Season Starter Open Meet October 2019

Tom Dowden

PSC welcomed swimmers from across the County on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October in Dorchester, for our annual Season Starter Open Meet. The Black and Yellow team were out in force, setting up a hugely successful meet with 1800 swims across the weekend! Some lucky athletes even won prizes in the brilliant Hot Heats, organised by Annabel.

The behind-the-scenes logistics of such an event are enormous and thanks must go to the volunteer organisers, especially Annabel, Sean and Tracy, who ensure the licensing, data entries and staffing are in place, to enable our children to get the chance to race. We are massively grateful to them and to the entire logistics team, including Geri and Claire for organising volunteers, our amazing officials, who tirelessly time-keep on poolside, the cool computer room team, our marshalls, medal desk staff, results runners, door entry staff, the fabulous fundraising raffle team, the incredible (and hugely popular) cake stall run by the lovely ladies in Regional 1 Squad and indeed every single parent who steps up to do their bit, be-it for an hour or the entire weekend.

It’s so important for us all to do our share, and not leave it to a few to run meets for our kids, so please, if you haven’t yet volunteered for a shift, come forward next time the opportunity presents. Our own open meets raise a substantial amount of money for our club, too, which really helps keep everyone’s monthly costs down! Another reason to say yes to helping next time you’re asked

We hope everyone who swam enjoyed the opportunity to race, to try out new skills from training sets and gain experience in competing. Judging by the results, there were a staggering number of PBs too, and Poole certainly represented the club well in the medals tally!

Coach Chris would especially like to acknowledge swimmers who performed exceptionally well and deserve a special mention

“A few to name are Cameron S, who has been out of swimming the past season with illness and came back and managed to PB 85% of the events he swam at the weekend, impressing all coaches with his positive attitude and understanding of his performance.Credit also to Amy L, who took off a huge chunk of time in all her 12 events and you could see a spark and the love for the sport when she came out with the biggest smile on her face! Deffo what the sport is about, and a reason why I love this job. Toby W was another who impressed the coaches in his performance”.

We would like to thank the staff at Dorchester for their fantastic support in setting up the pool and being so helpful throughout the weekend. Thanks to Swans for supporting our hot heats with great prizes. Thanks, as well, as ever, to coaches Chris, Meghan, Jacob and Barry for their advice and encouragement to the swimmers throughout two full days of competition

And finally, congratulations to Kieran D for winning Top Boy and Rene W, the meet’s joint Top Girl!

The Medal Tally

1st Place

Dan AS 3; Merry 2; Sully 1; *Philip BM 6; Bertie B 5; Louise C 1; Erin C 2; Ben D 1; Ollie D 1; Nathan D

*Kieran D 8 TOP BOY; Alex E 3; *Catherine E 6; Isabella G 1; Alysha G 4; Ollie G 3; Jack G 9; Molly G

Arron H 3; Max L 2; Erin 1; Jamie M 1; Charlie M 1; *Martha M 6; Grace M 4;Nuala OK 1; Holly O

Seren P 2; Rachel P 1; *Aimie Q 7; Isabelle R 3; Beatrice R 3; Luca S 2; Abi S 1; Millie S 4; Lucy S

Zoe S 2; Zack S 3; Betsy V 3; Lottie V 2; Rafferty V 2; Will W 1; *Rene W 6 TOP GIR

=123 GOLDS !

2nd Place

Dan AS1; Natalia B 2; Merry 2; Sully 1; PhilipBM 3; Poppy 2; Bertie B 2; Louise C 3; Rosie C 2; Erin C 1

Ben D 3; Ollie D 1; Nathan D 4; KieranD 3; Liam D 1; Alex E 3; Catherine E 1; Jayce E 1; Isabella G 1

Louis G 1; Arron H 1; Oscar L 1; Alex M 1; Erin M 2; Jamie M 4; Tilly M 3; Charlie M 2; Grace M 4; Winter M 1

Joe OC1; Nuala OK 2; Holly O 1; Seren P 2; Rachel P 2; Rita R 1; Beatrice R1; Luca S 1; Abi S 2

Abbi Sl 1; Millie S 1; Cameron S 1; Lucy S 2; Zack S 1; Will T 2; Rafferty V 2; Will W 5; Toby S 1; Rene W 2

= 88 Silver medals

3rd Place

Natalia B 4; Philip BM3; PoppyB 1; Bertie 1; Scarlett C 1; Louise C 3; Rosie C 1; Erin C 1; Ben D 3; Ollie D 1

Nathan D 1; Liam D 2; Alex E 2; Jayce E 1; Isabella G 1; Alysha G 1; Ollie G 2; Louis G 2; Molly G 2; Ben J 2

Sophie LR 2; Oscar L 1; Alex M 1; Erin M 3; Jamie M 2; Martha M 1;Joe OC 1; Nuala OK 3; Holy O 1; Freddie P 1

Rachel P 3; Tom P 1; Rita R 2; Isabelle R 2; Beatrice R 1; Abbi Sl 1; Cameron S 1; Lucy S 1; Zack S 1; Will T 1

Betsy V 1; Rafferty V 1; Will W 1

= 68 Bronze medals

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