Millfield and Bath TYR Meet at Millfield October 2019

Tom Dowden

There was a wealth of talent on show at the Millfield and Team Bath meet at the weekend. Our sincere thanks must go to the hosts for running a great meet. For the majority of swimmers this was our first chance to experience a short course meet at the start of the new season. The meet also offered an opportunity to educate our swimmers on racing in a range of different events.

In the 10 year Age Group our new Junior Girls Captain Lottie V put in some fine performances. Equally our new Junior Boys captain Freddie B looked strong in his Breaststroke events. His time of 2’56.25 earned him a new 12 year old Boy’s Club record in the 200m Breaststroke and it was good to see him holding his technique and keeping the length on his stroke in this event. Teammate Freddie H had a great weekend as he won 6 Gold and 3 Silver medals. He also achieved 8 Regional Qualifying times in the process. Luca S continued his success from last season as he won 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Luca’s swim in the 50m Backstroke was impressive as he too set a new 12 year old Club Record. Luca also broke his own 100m Breaststroke record with a time of 1’19.70 which is impressive at the start of the season. Abigail S swam exceptionally well to win 4 Gold, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze medal in the 11 year Age group. Jessica H also swam well in her Backstroke events as she broke Georgia Harrison’s 200m Backstroke record set in 2011 with a time of 2’43.55. 

Newcomer to the Club, Seren P went home with an assortment of medals as she won 4 Gold and 3 Silver medals in the 12 year Girls Age group. 

Robbie H stood out in the 14 year Age Group as he won 5 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal. Robbie has his sights on Winter Nationals later on in the year and it was good to see him swimming well this weekend. Catherine E also claimed a place in the Winter Nationals in December as she recorded a time of 1’03. 61 in the 100m Butterfly. 

All in all, this was a hugely successful meet for the club. There were some good performances and a huge PB rate from all of our swimmers. As well as those swimmers already mentioned, swimmers who stood out included: Daniel A(200m Freestyle); Tom C (100m Freestyle); Ben D (100m Breaststroke); Jack G (100m Breaststroke, 200m Breaststroke); Jess H (200m Backstroke, , 200m Butterfly); Arron H (400m Freestyle; 400m IM); Max L (200m Backstroke); Charlie M (100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke); Sheila M (50m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly); Martha M(100m Breaststroke, 200m Freestyle); Tilly Mc (200m Breaststroke, 400m IM); Jamie Mc (200m Backstroke); Joe O’(200m Breaststroke), Zoe S (100m Breaststroke); Betsy V (200m IM and 100m Freestyle).

Sincere thanks go to our parents who do so much to support the swimmers. Thank you also to Becky, Chris, Jan and Phil for their unstinting commitment to a large contingent of swimmers in what turned out to be a busy weekend.

1st place

Freddie B 11yrs: 100m Brst, 200m Brst, 50m Brst

Catherine E 14yrs: 100m Fly, 50m Fly

Robbie H 14yrs: 200m B/K, 200m IM, 50m B/K, 100m B/K, 50m Fly

Freddie H 11yrs: 50m Free, 400m Free, 100m Free, 200m Fly, 200m Free, 50m Fly

Jessica H 11yrs: 200m Fly

Max L 13yrs: 200m B/K, 50m Free

Martha M 11yrs: 50m Brst

Sheila M 14yrs: 50m Free

Seren P 12yrs: 200m Free, 50m Brst, 50m Free, 200m IM

Luca S 12yrs: 50m Free, 50m B/K, 100m Free, 50m Fly

Abigail S 11yrs: 50m B/K, 100m Free, 100m B/K, 50m Fly

Lottie V 10yrs: 200m Free

2nd place

Freddie B 11yrs: 50m Free, 400 Free

Christopher B 10yrs: 200m B/K, 400m Free, 100m Brst

Tom C 15yrs: 50m Brst

Robbie H 14yrs: 100m Fly

Freddie H 11yrs: 400m IM, 100m B/K, 200m B/K

Jessica H 11yrs: 200m B/K, 400m IM

Max L 13yrs: 50m B/K, 100m Free, 100 B/K

Tilly M 13yrs: 100m Fly, 200m Fly

Martha M 11yrs: 200m Free

Seren P 12yrs: 200 Brst, 400m Free, 50 Fly

Aimie Q 15yrs: 800m Free

Luca S 12yrs: 400m IM

Abigail S 11 yrs: 50m Free, 100m Fly 

Betsy V 13yrs: 50m Fly

Lottie V 10yrs: 100m B/K, 50m Free, 50m B/K, 100m Free

Miles W 16yrs: 1500m Free

3rd place

Freddie B 11yrs: 200m IM, 100m Free

Christopher B 10yrs: 100m Free, 200m Brst, 200m Free

Tom C 15yrs: 50m Free, 50m B/K

Ben D 15yrs: 100m Brst, 200m Brst

Kieran D 16yrs: 400m IM

Jack G 11yrs: 400m Free, 100m Brst, 200m Brst

Molly G 13yrs: 200m Free, 400m Free

Arron H 12yrs: 400m IM

Jessica H 11yrs: 100m Fly, 200m Free, 100m B/K, 50m Free, 50m B/K

Charlie M 13yrs: 100m Free, 100m B/K

Martha M 11yrs: 100m Free, 100m Brst

Sheila M 14yrs: 100m Free, 50m Fly

Aimie Q 15yrs: 400m IM, 200m B/K

Luca S 12yrs: 200m IM, 100m Brst

Abigail S 11 yrs: 200m B/K

Millie S 13yrs: 50m Fly

David S 14yrs: 100m Brst

Zack S 13yrs: 200m B/K

Betsy V 13yrs: 400m IM

Lottie V 10yrs: 100m Fly, 50m Brst, 100m Brst

Holly W: 16yrs: 50m Brst, 400m Free