Southern Junior League Success

Tom Dowden

The pressure was on as the team eagerly anticipated the challenge from Plymouth Leander, Bristol Penguins, Keynsham, Swindon Dolphins and Swim Bournemouth in the ‘A’ final of the Southern Junior League. Final preparations had gone well, so, once again, the team were focussed and ready to race.

Newcomers in the team and PSC debuts in SJL:

10 yrs: Alex E

12 yrs: Seren P

A special mention must go to Izzy W from Silver Squad who stepped in at the last minute and joined the team on poolside as our 9-year-old girl reserve swimmer. Thank you so much Izzy, it was a pleasure to have you with us on poolside to support the team.

Notable swims and PBs came from the following swimmers:

Freestyle: Abi S; Bertie B; Luca S; Mason E (50m)

Butterfly: Freddie H (50m); Nathan D (25m)

Breaststroke: Luca S (New Club Record 12 year Boys); Freddie B; Mason E; Martha M (50m)

Backstroke: Jamie M; Abi S (50m)

Overall Result

Poole Swimming Club – 1st place
Plymouth Leander – 2nd place
Swim Bournemouth A – 3rd place
Swindon Dolphins - =4th place
Bristol Penguins - =4th place
Keynsham – 6th place 

Observations and a few statistics

  • WHAT A TEAM! This was a fantastic performance. To finish in first place shows that we have come such a long way in the Southern Junior League. More importantly there were NO disqualifications which is commendable.
  • Our finishing positions over the last 8 years show that we are continuing to do well:
    • 2012: 8th; 2013: 8th; 2014: 7th; 2015: 3rd; 2016: 2nd; 2017: 1st; 2018 2nd; 2019 1st
  • In comparison to Round 2, we swam faster in 39 events
  • In comparison to Round 2, we swam faster in 16 out of the 17 relay events
  • We achieved 1st place in 15 events
  • We achieved 2nd place in 11 events
  • We achieved 3rd place in 11 events
  • We swam 19 PB’s which was unexpected at this time of the year following the summer break.
  • Every swimmer who was selected to swim made themselves available for the ‘A’ final.

Scores were close throughout the evening and at no time were we able to relax.

Winning the last event (the 8 x 25m cannon) was the “icing on the cake”.

The SJL team practices were instrumental in this win. Thanks to the PSC coaches and the team for making a big effort on this, as it does make a difference.

Thank you again to Team Captains: Jamie Mc and Lucy G for their excellent team talks before and after the gala.

SJL is all about teamwork and a special mention must go to the following swimmers who represented us in Round 1 and Round 2: William Taylor, Louis Glover and Sebastian Zabludowski.

Next date for the diary:

The Arena Junior Inter-League Final (Southern Area) will take place on 6th October at The Arc Leisure Centre, Bakewell Road, Matlock, Derbyshire. Warm up 13.00, 13.30 Parade of Teams, 13.45 start.