Bath AS Open Meet June 2019

Tom Dowden


This meet, at Bristol Hengrove, was billed as a Long Course Racing Opportunity for PSC, to improve performances related to race processes. For those attending the British Summer Champs, English Nationals or London End of Season Meet it would be the final practice run to achieve season best times.


The weekend’s racing employed the new Swim England Trial format, running  3 Fastest Heats first, with the slower heats swum next, followed by finals. This gives the swimmers that are likely to make finals/ second swims more rest between their heat and their final.


Competitors were Lilia B, Alex B, Louis C, Ben C, Tom C, Ollie C, Amy G, Teagan Mae G, Holly H, Robbie H, Max L, Ella M, Tiasha M, Trevin M, Abbie Q, Aimie Q, Zack S, Betsy V, Miles W & Oli W.


This was a hugely successful meet, with many senior swimmers making A and B finals and stepping up in these second swims, which had been an additional tactical focus area. There were some significant milestones achieved, which is massively encouraging at this point before the Nationals’ taper begins:

Alex B first time sub 26 in 50m Fly,  Ollie C first sub 26 in 50m Free, Ella M first sub 1 minute LC 100m Free, Lilia B first time below 30 in 50m Free.


Aimie Q: 1st 400m Free; 3rd 200m Back

Zack S: Gold 200m Back with a brilliantly paced race

Ella M: 2nd 100m Fly; 2nd 50m Fly; 1st 100m free; 2nd 50m free; PB in 100m free (first sub 1 minute)

Robbie H: 4 Golds from Heats 50fly, 50back, 100 back and 400IM

3 final wins in 50 fly, 50 back and 100 back, earning PBs in both Back Stroke events

Alex B: 4 Medals from Heats Gold in 50m and 100m Back, Silver in 100fly, bronze in 50 fly

Took wins in the 50m Back and 100m Back finals

PBs in 50 fly (first sub 26), PB in 100m fly and 100m back

Amy G: 3rd 50m Back

Teagan: 2nd 400m Free; 3rd 200m Back

Tom C: 3rd 100m Breast

Max L: Club age group record in 50 free; 3rd 200m free; 3rd 100m free; 3rd 400m free;

2nd 50m free; 2nd 200IM

Abbie Q; 3rd 200m Breast


As ever, these meets couldn’t work without the background support. A huge thank you must go to Lisa and Tracy for team managing and a special thank you to Phil, who attended as coach, but also stepped up to officiate throughout the weekend. And of course, thanks from the swimmers and parents to Barry!

More photos: