British Champs 2019 - Day 5

Tom Dowden

With a bright sunny ‘wake up walk’ Oli Fairman went about preparing his business for the 200IM, an event he was pre-seeded at 12th fastest.  But with recent improvements in Breast-stroke and Fly a fun event both swimmer and coach were looking forward to.

Morning Heats

A reminder of breast-stroke skills in the warm up and a rehearsal of IM Turns, Oli endured Barry adding in some eclectic 90’s Trance and latter-day ‘Drum and Base’ into his pre-race preparations and he headed down for hisheat.

To prepare for racing,  Oli was aware of his oppositions strengths and weaknesses in the heat and placed himself third after the fly, by the end of the back stroke he turned in second place, and then with a massive step up on the Breast-stroke leg had gained a second lead over the rest of the field.  Fighting every stroke on the freestyle Oli touched the wall in a new PB of over a second in 2.08.42, making his first appearance on the Dorset Senior Records in this event.  The time qualified him as seventh fastest Junior, with the strength in this event seeing five of them qualify the transition final, left Oli nicely qualifying for lane 5 in the Junior final.

Jasmine came in for a session to carry on working on her fly drills, and Jacob a recovery swim and flush massage with Corinne.

Evening Finals 

Returning, slightly excited with his new-found playlist music, Oli’s warm up saw work mainly on his freestyle, back stroke rate and fly/back turn as 3 impact areas that could be improved from the heat.  After studying how his competition had raced previously and indeed in the morning heat.  Oli's battle plan was drawn and ready to execute.

With a controlled first 25, Oli began increasing his rate for the second half of the fly, still turned with a small glide on the last stroke but the split was up on this morning and he turned in first place by one hundredth of a second, then came the brave rate increase on the back stroke, earning a 31.9 second split and the first time he had turned under 60 at the 100m mark, he was up on his heat time by 1.5 seconds.  The Breast-stroke leg was solid maintaining his lead over the field, slightly down on this morning’s heat split, due to the increase in the back stroke. Bringing it home with a higher elbow and more of a forward and not ‘round’ freestyle Oli had knocked another second of his PB and won the final in 2.07.52.  This moved him up to the sixth-place junior. A brilliant step up from where he went in ranked in this event.

The last day of action see’s Oli return for the 200m Back, Jasmine the 100m Fly and Jacob the 50m Fly.