British Champs 2019 - Day 3

Tom Dowden

Jasmine and Oli arrived at similar times to the pool to prepare for thier races.  Jasmine was up first in the 50m Free.

After internally being disapointed the previous days results, Jasmine as many atheles sometime experience was struggling emotionally to challenge for todays 50m Free event.  After eventually building the courage to step up on to the block, the focus of the race did not go to plan.  Following a swim down some exercises were followed between athelete and coach and preparations are underway for her last event on Sunday.

Oli meanwhile stood up for the 400IM, and took the race out with a very smooth fly comfortably hitting 1.02 at 100m as planned and he hit the back stroke, at half way he was two seconds down on his PB split 2.13, but with an improved Breast-stroke clawed some time back on the first 50m of this leg, when trying to pick up the rate on the second 50m, the water was slipping due to dropped elbows and what would normally be a negative split (second 50m quicker than the first) had added on time, a strong fight on the the freestyle saw Oli touch just outside his personal best in 4.41.90 leavinng a ranking of 27th Junior. 

With Jacob completing a light training session in preparation for his 100m fly event on Day 4.