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The club relies on the support of parents to volunteer for key roles that allow the club to run Open Meets. The income from these Meets helps us keep the club fees as some of the lowest in Dorset and support the training and coaching provided to your swimmers.

Swim Meets can involve a lot of waiting to watch a short amount of swimming so rather than sitting there for hour after hour watching swimming we would encourage you get involved in volunteering this can either be as a Non-Technical Volunteer or as a qualified Official.

The club's Volunteer Coordinator explains some of the roles and opportunities that exist and can be contacted via the website.

Its really is a lot of fun and you do see more of the swimming !!


This role involves ensuring that swimmers are in the right race and right lane. You have a list of events and heats.  The swimmer is sent from their club to the marshal. You check you have each swimmer on the list for that heat and put the swimmers in lane order and send them onto the next marshal point. There are usually no less than 5 marshal points.

Changing Room Marshall

When there are no marshals points in the changing rooms, this role would be to ensure that members of the public or parents come into the changing rooms when an event is in progress. 1 male and 1 female volunteer

Team Manager

Your role, and there are usually 2 Team Managers,  is to ensure that you send the swimmer to the marshal point on time.  You are the swimmers point of contact whilst on poolside.  There is an ASA certificate that can be obtained.

Door/Gallery Advisor

This role involves 1 or 2 people ensuring that the doorways in and out of the gallery seating area and corridor are kept clear, as are the steps to allow easy access in an emergency.  

Poolside Refreshments

This role involves 1 or 2 people or swimmers older siblings offering sweets and water to poolside volunteers and officials throughout the sessions.


1 or 2 people walking results from Recorder Room to the Medals desk; 

Results Recorder

At least 2 people using software which given them start sheets, results sheets, they records the DQs; the timing board - a very crucial role.  Training can be given to anybody that fancies this exciting role.


Person who reads safety notice at start of race and reads names of swimmers as the race is on.  Also reads results of heats and results in age groups.