Photography Guidance at ASA Events

We are all well aware of the wide range of devices including mobile telephones, which have photographic and filming capabilities. This enables the capture of both static and moving images. It should be acknowledged that the majority of images taken within an ASA setting are appropriate and taken in good faith. However, images of children and adults can be misused and sharing images widely without consent may betray a confidence or identify a child or adult, which could present a risk of harm to that individual if common sense procedures are not followed.

Parents and Carers of participants under the age of 18 who wish to take images are requested to focus on their own children as much as reasonably possible and to avoid including other children in images, particularly if those images are being shared with family and friends or through social media platforms. Whilst it is acknowledged that parents I Carers wish to celebrate the achievements of their own children when taking part in aquatic events it should be recognized and respected that other parents I Carers may not wish for their child’s image to be taken and shared in this way.

The ASA encourage all spectators and participants at ASA events to make themselves familiar with the photography and filming arrangements for the event and be vigilant during that event.

Should you have any concerns about photography or filming at the event please bring this to the immediate attention of the Promoter at the recorders desk.

The ASA, Dorset County ASA, and Weymouth Swimming Club, are committed to ensuring that all children who participate in ASA activities are able to take part in an enjoyable, safe environment and be safeguarded from harm. If you have any child safeguarding concerns at the event, please contact the Gala Referee immediately to disclose your concerns.

The full ASA Guidance on Photography can be found in Wavepower the ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures available at