Welfare Update


To all our parents, carers, grandparents and all children.

After half term the Safeguarding team will be introducing some new ideas.

  1. The “ THOUGHT BOX” -  Thanks to our younger swimmer to name the box. This box is for all children who would like to express any worries or group ideas they would like to share, for swimming sessions who perhaps find it tricky speaking to adults. The Thought box will be placed on the window sill nearest to the first aid room every Monday and  Friday.
  2. To make myself  (Sandra) and Zuzana more visible for children and adults, we will be wearing white T-shirts with a nice rainbow happy face on it along with our names on.
  3. Can we ask all legal guardians to fill in the medical details section of “ON DECK”. It is a legal requirement with Swim England and for us to be aware of any medical conditions your child may have, the smallest of things write it down please. This is also very important with galas, especially inhouse and out of house. We will need to communicate with paramedics (if the need should ever arise). Again, this is all confidential and, on a need, to know basics.
  4. Please may we have no children wondering around in the foyer/ gallery in just swimwear. A lot of you are already following this and we are extremely grateful for.

This is to safeguard your children. Thank you very much for all your help.