Head Coach : Mark Rawle

Weston-super-Mare Swimming Club has 6 Swimming Squads. These are Performance, Stroke Technique, Stroke Development, Skills, Club & Masters. We also have our pre competitive squad Future Stars where our youngest swimmers start their journey in swimming.

In addition to the above Squads, we also have an active Learn to Swim section and Water Polo. Details of these can be found on our website.

It is the intention of the Club that each group will have its own dedicated coaching, teaching staff and through training of volunteers we are striving to reach this aim.  All Staff are or will be fully trained and have a recognised ASA Teaching Qualification as well as continual professional development opportunities so that our staff are keeping up with the advancements in training and learning.  The Club offers training to all interested parents whether it is as a Poolside Helper or as an Assistant Teacher.  If you think that you would be interested in helping Poolside either as a Parent Helper or getting a Training Qualification, please contact the Membership Secretary whose details can be found on the Contact Us Page of the Website

Competitive Swimming

Competitive Swimming Training takes place at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Sidcot School and Churchill Leisure Centre. For more details of the Pool Plan, Squads, Timetable, Movement Criteria and The Optimal Athlete Development Framework (OADF) information then click the 'Squads' link top left.

We are currently in Division 1 of the National Swimming League. The clubs premier team competition for our top swimmers  11 years and over swimmers.  For the younger swimmers we compete as a club in the Cotswold League a team competition which caters for 9 years plus who are learning racing skills to progress on to our National Swimming League Team. There are individual galas and club meets that the swimmers enter throughout the year approx. every 4-6 weeks. For more information please go to 'Fixtures' at the top of the page.

Club Aims

To provide a safe learning and teaching environment, with fully trained Coaches, Teachers and Assistant Teachers, where swimmers of all abilities will be challenged, supported, and inspired to reach their very best. Where Teachers and Coaches alike provide their best through continual professional development enabling them to achieve the safe learning environment for all.

Club Objectives

To enable each Club Swimmer to reach their maximum potential and enjoy the Sport of Swimming.  This objective is across the whole spectrum of Club Members whether they are full Competitive Swimmers, Non-Competitive Swimmers or Learn to Swim.

Joining Procedures

There are three ways in which swimmers can join Weston-super-Mare Swimming Club. Either through our “Learn to Swim” program; as an already competent swimmer, by coming to a club trial (held regularly on Sunday evenings) or by joining our Water Polo squad. Please click on the links above to find out more information about each of these procedures.

If you would like more information on how to join our club then please contact the membership secretary.

To join Weston-super-Mare as a Water Polo Player you must by the nature of the sport be able to swim.  If you are not a strong swimmer you will still be able to join the Water Polo Section but will be expected to train with the Swimming Club Competitive element to bring up your level of swimming and stamina.  For more details of Water Polo contact Mike Coles on 01934 511456 or 07789 767269. 

On formally joining the Club as a Competitive Swimmer you will be given a Club Handbook that details what you can expect from the Club and what the Club expects from you as a Swimmer.  The Handbook also includes sections where you can record your weekly swimming achievements and also record all of the Swimming Galas you enter and record your swimming times achieved in each race event and distance.

About Us

Weston-super-Mare Swimming Club was founded in 1880.

Club Fees

Fees take effect from 1 November 2019, annual fee payable before 31 January 2020

Membership Type/Squad Joining/Annual Fee Paid half termly Monthly Fee
Learn to Swim None £8.00 a lesson None
Competitive Squads £50.00 None Varies by level as below **
Skills £55.00
Club £50.00
Stroke Development £63.00
Stroke Technique £78.00
Performance £91.00
Masters £50.00 None £20.00
Water Polo (Adults and two session juniors) £50.00 None £38.00
Water Polo (One session juniors) £50.00 None £25.00
Future Stars (twice a week) £25.00 None £32.00
Future Stars (once a week) £25.00 None £20.00
University/MK/dual club £25.00 None £20.00

** The amount varies by squad which reflects the amount of pool and coaching time available to members of these squads.

For further information about fees please contact our club treasurer at  treasurer@wsmsc.co.uk