If you’d like to enter the Club Championships using the OnDeck app on your smartphone, here’s what you do….

Login to the app.

Please ensure that the 'Team Region' is set to UK. Click on the country to change it...

The main menu bar is the three lines in the top left hand corner

Touch it to open up the menu

Select ‘Events & Meet Entries’. Scroll down to Easter Open, and select the ‘Declare’ button.

This will open up the following screen, select your swimmer

Once you’ve select your swimmer, you’ll be asked to confirm whether you are entering the meet ‘Sign up for Club Championships’ or not.

Once they have selected ‘yes, please’ you will be able to scroll through the sessions to select which events you’d like to enter.

Please check the bottom of  https://uk.teamunify.com/team/swrwsmsc/page/events/how-to-enter to see which events your child should enter.

Once you’ve selected all your events, click the ‘save Changes’ button, and you’re done. For example: