Water polo has been a long-established part of the club, which was established in 1880, and which has produced numerous Olympians and International Players in its past. It was the original part of the club, where gala nights were held at Knightstone Baths in Weston-super-Mare where the main event was usually two water polo matches, with swimming in between. The original club was located in the outside pool at Knightstone until in 1902, the new baths were completed.

The then Borough Council of Weston-super-Mare, many of the then councillors who were on the committee of the club, decided they needed a draw to bring spectators into these events, and so they invited Paula Francesco Radmilovic (Raddy), a young Welshman from Cardiff, of Croatian descent. More can be read about the "Incomparable Raddy" by going to a blog written by Mike Coles here.

Another notable star of the team was Tommy Thould, whose father served on the committee of the club, and together with Raddy competed in the 1908 Olympic Games in White City, London, and they both won Gold Medals in the water polo.