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WSMSC Learn to Swim programme aims to provide the best teaching and learning environment that provides a fun, progressive and challenging scheme of work to enable swimmers to enjoy and progress smoothly. We are the ONLY LTS programme in the area with FULLY QUALIFIED STAFF and swimmers of NATIONAL and REGIONAL level assisting our swimmers daily in their lessons. Our LTS runs Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings at Hutton Moor Leisure Center. At LTS we offer smaller class sizes and aim to provide as much 1:1 attention and feedback to our swimmers as possible by providing additional teaching assistants alongside our instructors. We teach the nationally recognized ASA scheme of work as well as the WSMSC FUNdamentals programme. We take children from as young as 4 years old and offer classes ranging from Ducklings (beginners) to Stage 7 (introduction to competitive swimming). LTS runs 39 weeks of the year- term time only. 

All our staff attend continual professional develop opportunities run by one of the countries leading Amateur Swimming Associations Tutors

We have changed our T&C's for LTS swimmers. If they would like a badge for any Stage they complete, these will now cost £2.75. 

If you would like any further information please contact our Learn To Swim Coordinator - Jane - [email protected]

Term dates for 2019/2020

Term 1

Week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
1 3rd Sept 4th Sept 5th Sept 6th Sept 8th Sept
2 10th Sept 11th Sept 12th Sept 13th Sept 15th Sept
3 17th Sept 18th Sept 19th Sept 20th Sept 22nd Sept
4 24th Sept 25th Sept 26th Sept 27th Sept 29th Sept
5 1st Oct 2nd Oct 3rd Oct 4th Oct 6th Oct
6 8th Oct 9th Oct 10th Oct 11th Oct 13th Oct
7 15th Oct 16th Oct 17th Oct 18th Oct 20th Oct
8 22nd Oct 23rd Oct 24th Oct 25th Oct 27th Oct

Term 2

Week Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday
1 5th Nov 7th Nov 8th Nov 10th Nov
2 12th Nov 14th Nov 15th Nov 17th Nov
3 19th Nov 21st Nov 22nd Nov 24th Nov
4 26th Nov 28th Nov 29th Nov 1st Dec
5 3rd Dec 5th Dec 6th Dec 8th Dec
6 10th Dec 12th Dec 13th Dec 15th Dec
7 17th Dec 19th Dec 20th Dec 22nd Dec

Term 3

Week Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday
1 7th Jan 9th Jan 10th Jan 12th Jan
2 14th Jan 16th Jan 17th Jan 19th Jan
3 21st Jan 23rd Jan 24th Jan 26th Jan
4 28th Jan 30th Jan 31st Jan 2nd Feb
5 4th Feb 6th Feb 7th Feb 9th Feb
6 11th Feb 13th Feb 14th Feb 16th Feb

Term 4

Week Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday
1 25th Feb 27th Feb 28th Feb 1st Mar
2 3rd Mar 5th Mar 6th Mar 8th Mar
3 10th Mar 12th Mar 13th Mar 15th Mar
4 17th Mar 19th Mar 20th Mar 22nd Mar
5 24th Mar 26th Mar 27th Mar 29th Mar
6 31st Mar 2nd Apr 3rd Apr 5th Apr

Term 5

Week Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday
1 21st Apr 23rd Apr 24th Apr 26th Apr
2 28th Apr 30th Apr 1st May 3rd May
3 5th May 7th May 8th May 10th May
4 12th May 14th May 15th May 17th May
5 19th May 21st May 22nd May 24th May

Term 6

Week Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday
1 2nd Jun 4th Jun 5th Jun 7th Jun
2 9th Jun 11th Jun 12th Jun 14th Jun
3 16th Jun 18th Jun 19th Jun 21st Jun
4 23rd Jun 25th Jun 26th Jun 28th Jun
5 30th Jun 2nd Jul 3rd Jul 5th Jul
6 7th Jul 9th Jul 10th Jul 12th Jul
7 14th Jul 16th Jul 17th Jul 19th Jul
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