Development Objectives

The primary objective of this squad is to develop the skills involved in swimming by developing each of the four strokes as well as the core elements of body control, feel for the water, and stable movement patterns. This squad will have an introduction into aerobic conditioning, technical training and skill acquisition. Focus of sessions will be on the  learning and refining of skills for optimum future performance, with the training predominantly of low volume and high skill sets. If insufficient time is devoted to this stage then it is highly unlikely the young swimmer will reach their full potential. Swimmers will also be encouraged to learn and develop key attributes of the OADF frame work. Swimmers will also be encouraged to participate in galas and low level open meets.

A copy of the squad flyer is here

Squad Criteria

  • Must maintain a minimum of 70% attendance across the year.  Swimmers who fall behind on attendance will be directed to an alternative swimming pathway.
  • Competition aged 12 yrs and under.
  • Must be competent across 3 of 4 strokes.
  • All swimmers are subject to a 3-month rolling review period.
  • Coaches will be looking to progress swimmers displaying strong OADF attributes.
  • Swimmers must show a clear desire to compete.
  • Black club hats only for training and competition.
  • Expected to arrive 15 mins prior to the start of training.
  • Expected to carry out mobility and stretching, before and after training/competition.
  • Must only compete in competitions listed on the club’s calendar.
  • Contact the coach if absent or unable to fulfill criteria. 
  • Appropriate reasonable adjustments will be made for para athletes.  Please contact Head Coach.


Swimmers should arrive with the following kit and equipment properly adjusted and in good working order;