Club Welfare - Safeguarding and Protecting Children

Are you worried or concerned about yourself, your child or someone else in the Club?

Welfare Officers Claire Kerslake and Louise Phillips are available to listen and provide advice whether its concerning a minor enquiry or something more serious.  All discussions are confidential and will only be reported if action needs to be taken to protect a child or vulnerable adult.  Child protection is everyone's responsibility.

If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch via email or you can find us at the pool, as we are both swimming parents: 

Claire Kerslake                                                  Louise Philllips
[email protected]                        [email protected]



As a SwimMark affiliated Club, we follow the guidance in WavePower: Child Safeguarding policy published by Swim England, which can be found here.  You can find our Safeguarding policy here

You can find the Swim England Equality Policy here

Low Energy Availability Guidance for Parents - Swim England has produced guidance documents on the subject of how to identify low energy availability and the potential health and performance consequences this may have. Knowing how to identify this early should help athletes get the support they need. This may be from a local GP, a charity or a private organisation.

Key Welfare Contacts


Gloucester County ASA Welfare Officer Rachel Roberts [email protected]
South West Region Welfare Officer Marion Britton [email protected]
Swim England 

National Safeguarding Administrator

[email protected]

Tel: 01509 640 700
Option 1 for Swim England then
Option 2 for Safeguarding

Swim England Swimline - the Swim England/NSPCC Child Protection Helpline Tel:0808 100 4001


Other Organisations:




Soundwell Swimming Club is proud to have supported an initiative by the Brown family to develop resources to support athlete mental health. A guide to supporting your swimmer’s mental health, with tips and resources can be found here