The club has its own range of kit, from swimming hats to onesies and rucksacks.  Many items can be personalised at no extra cost.

General kit (eg. T-shirts, hoodies)

This can be ordered direct from the supplier, Printed Team Kit, at  You will need a password, which can be found here.  

If you are having trouble deciding on the sizing, the best bet is often to ask around the club and try on something which someone else already has.

If ordering for a particular event (eg. gala/ birthday/ Christmas), allow plenty of time!  At busy periods, the lead time can be 3-4 weeks or longer (we used to allow 6 weeks for Christmas orders).  The club has no control over this; please contact the helpful people at Printed Team Kit (tel.01209 612 959 or email [email protected]) if you need further information or guidance.


Ordinary (non-personalised) hats are held in stock and don't need to be ordered: speak to James, Claire or Caroline if you would like one.  They will either have some with them or bring one to the pool for next time you are there.  The cost is £5/ hat (or £6 for the ones designed to accommodate long hair) which you can pay either by bank transfer or in cash.  If in cash, the correct money is appreciated.

Personalised hats do have to be ordered (obviously) and there is a minimum order of 21 (different names; we don't expect even the most enthusiastic swimmer to want 21 hats!)  So if you would like a personalised hat, please email us on [email protected], stating the name you would like on the hat, and we will place the order when we have sufficient numbers.  There is no need to pay until the order is placed.  They cost about £7.50 at the time of writing.

Towels and other in stock items

We also have in stock (non-personalised):

  • Towels - being sold at the bargain price of £5 each.
  • Beanie hats - £11
  • Some cotton T-shirts and cotton + moisture-wicking polo shirts from a previous supplier: please contact us if you would like further details of these.

Second-hand kit

We do not organise a second-hand shop, but many people put outgrown items or other preloved equipment on the Tavi Swim Club Members page on Facebook.