Club Championships - well done and thank you to all

Caroline Furze

Sprint Club Championships have come to an end for 2019 and the Committee would like to say a huge thank you to all the officials, timekeepers, poolside helpers, parents who helped with refreshments, selling cakes, running the raffle, promoting our club kit... so many roles to make it all come together. A real team effort šŸ‘šŸ˜

Swimmers - a big thumbs up for those of you new to competing, for many this was your first Club Champs and you now have times to aim for next time. It was also really great to see our Coaches and Masters swimmers in action too with our squad swimmers.

So many pbs and some Devon County times achieved to add to the tally. This was run as a Licensed meet thanks to our visiting referees - Mark and Adrian.  Thank you!

Run in our home pool at Meadowlands Leisure Centre, a big thank you to the staff and lifeguards for keeping an eye on us all.

Details of medal presentations to follow soon.

More photos: