SwimMark Club

Our members swim for all sorts of reasons: some just for fun, some for fitness, some to see their friends, some to compete and some for other reasons.  Most, probably, for a combination of these.  Whatever your motive for swimming, it is good to have goals.  The club has a variety of achievement awards to help swimmers measure their progress.  These are in two main areas: speed and diving skill.

Speed achievement awards

Swimmers aged 12 & under are eligible for bronze, silver and gold Speed Awards in each event, according to the table of times here.  A "county standard" flag on the top left of a certificate indicates the swimmer has not only beaten the time set for a gold award but achieved a time which would potentially qualify them for the county championships held in Jan/ Feb of each year. 

example of gold speed award, county standardexample of gold speed award

example of silver speed award

example of bronze speed award


Diving tiers

Starting a race well from the blocks (or ledges, in the case of backstroke) takes considerable skill. There are many elements, including entering the water safely (not going too deep); streamlining; the underwater phase; and the "breakout" onto the surface. This is too much to be learnt in one course, so we have broken it down into four (or five) tiers. Achievement awards are given for passing each tier.

Diving courses are run separately from the normal sessions, at various times throughout the year depending on both available pool time and demand.

  Awards Description Criteria
Tier 0 Introduction Completing a diving course, so taking your first steps in developing your skills to become a good diver  > Completing the course over the weeks set
Tier 1 Safe Entry Completing the starter diving course and demonstrating an ability to perform a safe racing start into shallow water from the blocks. >Finger tips enter first
>Toes follow body on entry
>Streamline underwater
>Held at the right depth
Tier 2 Progression Completing your knowledge and developing effective starting technique in all four stokes >Streamline smooth entry
>Techn for Frontcrawl start to breakout
>Techn for Breaststroke start to breakout
>Techn for Backstroke start to breakout
>Techn for Butterfly start to breakout
Tier 3 Preliminary Start Award Continuously completing legal dives safely in shallow water >Completing the Preliminary Start Award Criteria in all respects
Tier 4 Full Competitive Award Racing start to a Performance Level for all four strokes > Completing the Competitive Start Award Criteria in all respects