SwimMark Club

Diving tiers

  Awards Description Criteria
Tier 0 Introduction Completing a diving course, so taking your first steps in developing your skills to become a good diver  > Completing the course over the weeks set
Tier 1 Safe Entry Completing the starter diving course and demonstrating safe streamline entry from the blocks >Finger tips enter first
>Toes follow body on entry
>Streamline underwater
>Held at the right depth
Tier 2 Progression Completing your knowledge and developing effective starting technique in all four stokes >Streamline smooth entry
>Techn for Frontcrawl start to breakout
>Techn for Breaststroke start to breakout
>Techn for Backstroke start to breakout
>Techn for Butterfly start to breakout
Tier 3 Preliminary Start Award Continuously completing legal dives safely in shallow water >Completing the Preliminary Start Award Criteria
Tier 4 Full Competitive Award Racing start to a Performance Level for all four strokes > Completing the Competitive Start Award Criteria