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Our 2022 long-distance (200m & above) club championships were held in May

Many thanks to all those swimmers and parents that took part in our first Long Distance Club Championships for 3 years: it all ran fairly smoothly thanks to the many helpers poolside and in the cafe.  It was lovely to be back together as a whole club and wonderful to see so many people taking part.  (Plus there was plenty of delicious cake!)  Results are below (and also on our results button); times have been sent to British Rankings and should appear there soon if you can't see them already.

A plea

We had a 100% attendance on the first Sunday, which was fabulous.  On the second Sunday, unfortunately, quite a few people who had entered neither turned up nor let us know they wouldn't be coming.  We can understand - it was a gloriously sunny day; other activities were probably calling - but it caused a lot of wasted time and also meant some swimmers had to swim in very lonely heats, against only one other person instead of three.  Next time, if you can't (or have decided not to) come to a gala which you have entered, please, please tell us as soon as possible.  It isn't like a fun run, where it doesn't matter how many turn up.  Only four people can swim at a time so there's a lot of work behind the scenes in putting people into heats and printing out the sheets for the timekeepers.  If we know in advance about non-attenders, we can juggle things around to fill in the gaps.  If people simply don't show, we can't. 

Thank you.


Results for each event are summarised below and sorted into each gender and into five age groups (based on age at 31st December 2022): 10&under, 11-12 years, 13-14 years, 15-16 years and 17&over.  Medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each age group and will be available to collect next Sunday.

If you see a DQ by your name, this means that for that particular event, something about your stroke was not technically correct and you will not get a time sent to British Rankings for that particular event.  It happens to all swimmers at some point in their journey and is all part of your learning experience as a swimmer but please speak to James if you have any questions and he can explain the DQ so it can be worked on for the next time.

To see the results on British Rankings click on this link https://www.swimmingresults.org and then select BIOGS from the top menu.  Enter your swimmer ID or surname to find your swimmer and you should see a record of all their times.

200 butterfly     800 freestyle      200 freestyle        200 backstroke       400IM

1500 freestyle   200IM       200 breaststroke      400 freestyle


A few photos

Swimmers at finall marshalling pointlining upDiving inoff the blocks200m fly single swimmerBreaststroke leg of 400m IMBreaststroke leg of 400m IMYoung swimmers with medalscake!OfficialsCinnamon rolls


Club championships are when the whole club gets together and has a mini gala.  Like the timed swims swimmers will have done before, only with more atmosphere because the whole club is taking part.  The younger swimmers can watch the older ones swim and see what they themselves will be able to do in a few years.  Swimmers want to do their very best, of course, but everyone supports everyone else no matter what speed they go.  

There's a guide to the club championships here.  Do read it if this is new to you.