SwimMark Club

Where we train

Our "home pool" is Meadowlands, in the centre of Tavistock.  However, we are exceptionally lucky in also being able to run sessions at Mount Kelly Swim Centre, in both the 25m and 50m pools.

We are hugely grateful to all the staff at both pools for their hard work, support and flexibility.  Thanks to them, we have had a lot more swimming time during the pandemic than many less fortunate clubs.

Pool swimming

When and where

The timetable is here.

If you aren't sure how it applies to you, either look it up or ask.  There is a list of all the swimmers and their swim times on the website at www.tavsc.co.uk: go to "Swimmer list" under Training: times and info.  Make sure you are logged-in first; it won't appear in the menu if you aren't.  

Everyone now should be swimming their preferred number of sessions.  If you aren't, please speak up!  There is no longer a requirement for swimmers to say in bubbles, which means much more flexibility.


If you joined before September 2021, the agreements you ticked when you registered to swim are here.  Please read them again.  If anything has changed, and you can no longer confirm all the statements, please do not return to training.  Either wait until you can accept them or contact either Caroline Furze or Claire Palmer.  The exception is the self-isolation requirements: the isolation period following a positive test is now 10 days, not 14, and the need for close contacts to isolate has been reduced.

The post-September 2021 agreements were shorter and are here.  Again, if anything has changed and you can no longer accept them please do not return to training; contact us instead.

Coronavirus precautions

Our coronavirus arrangments evolve and are updated in line with government advice, requirements of the pools we use, and commonsense. They are now the same for both Meadowlands and Mount Kelly.  The basics are these:

  1. Do not attend training if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been told to self-isolate.  If you have symptoms, however mild, take a test.  You may come to training if the test is negative but should stay at home if it is positive or inconclusive.  
  2. Come ready to swim and with warm clothes for afterwards: changing rooms and showers are not in use except by special arrangement (eg. in cases of disability).  Take your bag poolside with you; do not use the lockers.
  3. Bring your own water bottle, with your name on it.  Do not share water bottles.
  4. Swim CLOCKWISE around all lanes.  
  5. Sanitise your hands when you enter the building.
  6. During the session, listen carefully to the coach and obey them at all times.  
  7. If you need to use the toilet, ask the coach’s permission before leaving poolside.  Wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet. 
  8. Leave promptly: do not congregate.

The detailed rules are here: Covid-19 Rules.

The Covid-19 lead is Claire Palmer.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of the arrangments, please do get in touch with her.

Particular cases

If you have or might have Covid-19

You've doubtless heard this thousands of times, but you must NOT come to training if:

  • you have symptoms of Covid-19;
  • you have tested positive for Covid-19; or
  • you've been told to self-isolate.

If you have symptoms, take a test.  If you test positive, please the instructions of NHS Test & Trace or on the nhs.uk website.  If you have to self-isolate but are feeling physically well, the club's head coach, James Lake, will be happy to suggest exercises for you to do to help keep up your fitness.  Just ask!

Please note that the symptoms are ever evolving and now extend beyond the basic high temperature/ new cough/ loss of sense of smell or taste.  Play it safe: if you don't feel well, take a lateral flow test.

If you have had Covid-19

You should not return to training until you have completely recovered.  If you have been given personal medical advice, you should follow that.  General guidance (prepared by Swim England) is here.  Please also tell the coach, Claire Palmer or Caroline Furze.

If you are medically vulnerable etc.

If you, or anyone in your household, are vulnerable or have been shielding, you should follow government guidance and medical advice before returning to training.  Please read these agreements which you ticked last year - underlying medical conditions and shielding - and think carefully about the risks.  You should only return if what you said in those agreements is still true.


Other activities

Dry-land training

Dry land training is also available for all swimmers from the age of eight upwards.  This is currently arranged direct with our head coach James Lake.  For more details see here (you will need to be logged in) or contact James either by speaking to him at the pool or by email.  We hope to arrange dry-land training as part of the club sessions soon.  

Sea swimming

In the summer of the first lockdown, we teamed up with Jason Quiterio at Ace Swimming to offer weekly sea swimming sessions to our members.  Some hardy members continued throughout the winter.  These sessions are coached and lifeguarded and take place from Firestone Bay, Plymouth, next to the Devil's Point tidal pool.  They cost £7 each and are 30mins long.  You'll find that's long enough, especially in the winter: swimming in the sea is much harder work than swimming in a pool!  For full details and to book, visit Jason's website at www.aceswimming.co.uk or go to straight to the booking link: sea swimming.

Other useful documents

We've tried to collect together on this page all the "return to the pool" documents.  All documents open in a new window.

Covid-19 Rules

Swim England health survey: this is to prompt swimmers and their families to think about the risks.  The club does not need to see a completed copy of the form, but the online registration process will ask you about it.

TSC risk assessment for training at Mount Kelly

TSC risk assessment for training at Meadowlands