Equipment for everyone

All swimmers need:

  • A swimming costume
  • Googles (ideally two pairs)
  • A drinks bottle, containing water
  • A towel

Unless they have VERY short hair, they also need a swimming hat. Most members like to wear club hats.  These cost £4.50 and can be bought either through the Swim Shop or from the person taking the register on a Sunday afternoon.  Personalised hats need to be ordered through the Swim Shop and cost £8.50 for one or £15.50 for two.

Swimmers competing in galas also need a club T-shirt (available through the Swim Shop).

That is all you need to start with.  We have kickboards, pull buoys and fins for swimmers to borrow, so you do not need to spend money on equipment until you are sure they are enjoying their sessions.

Equipment as swimmers progress

As swimmers move up through the club, we recommend they get their own equipment, as follows.

Development/ competitive squad:

  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy
  • Mesh bag for equipment
  • Snorkel (optional)

We have left fins off that list because children's feet grow so fast.  It is fine to keep borrowing club fins. 

Equipment for higher squads

Performance/ elite squad:

  • Kickboard
  • Pull buoy
  • Mesh bag for equipment
  • Snorkel
  • Hand paddles
  • Fins
  • Foam roller
  • Resistance band
  • Skipping rope

Information about hand paddles and fins

Hand paddles

General Paddles

Paddles increase a swimmer's feel for the water and stroke awareness as they train.  This helps them work on their stroke by improving their catch position and arm pull.  Ideally, you want paddles which are comfortable and easy to use.  Go for a general paddle such as the FINIS Strapless paddle, Michael Phelps Strength paddle or the Speedo Biofuse Power paddle (sometimes simply called the Speedo Power paddle).

Michael Phelps Strength paddles
Finis Strapless paddles Phelps Strength paddles Speedo Biofuse Power paddle


Specific paddles

There are also specific paddles which help swimmers work on the finer details of their stroke.  Examples of these are finger paddles, Vortex Evolution paddles, Finis Freestyler hand paddles and Isolation ("ISO") paddles.  You should not get these without first discussing it with the head coach.  He will be able to tell you what type (if any) would be appropriate.


Fins encourage shorter, faster kicks while giving more propulsion through the water.  This helps increase leg strength and foot flexibility.  You want ones which are comfortable to wear and flexible.  That can be difficult to judge online, but we recommend Maru Training fins and Finis Z2 fins.  Avoid long floating fins and any style which describes itself as being especially stiff or rigid.

Maru fins Finis Z2 fins
Maru fins Finis Z2 fins



If you have any questions about kit, please do feel free to ask one of the coaches.  They will be very happy to help.