Training information for parents

We've gathered together some pointers for parents, which we hope will be useful.

  1. Please check a coach is present and the session is taking place before you leave your child.  You are responsible for your child until the session begins.  The timetable sometimes has to be changed at short notice; if you just drop them and run, they might be waiting outside for an hour for you to return.
  2. At Meadowlands, the staff will not allow children through the gate unaccompanied until the coach has arrived.  If your child is not already changed, then they may go through to do so if accompanied by a responsible adult but must wait by the showers until the coach is there to supervise their pre-swim warm-up.  Please stay with them until then.  The lifeguards on duty at that time are responsible for the public in water; not for club members.
  3. You are welcome to sit in the café area at Meadowlands to watch your children swim.  However, we do not hire the café area, so please co-operate if the staff ask you to move for any reason.  At Mount Kelly, there is a small viewing area for the 50m pool just beyond reception.  However, please check first with the staff: pandemic restrictions may mean it is not in use.
  4. If your child becomes ill or injured during a session, the coach will ask them to get dressed and wait at the end of the pool where they can be supervised until you are able to come and collect them.  Please make sure they let the coach or a committee member know when you do.
  5. Please do not come on poolside during a session unless it is an emergency.  Talking to coaches during a session distracts the coach and leaves the swimmers unsupervised.
  6. The coaches are generally more than happy to talk to parents about swimming issues either before or after the session.  If this fails - and sometimes they do have other committments which mean they need to leave promptly - feel free to get in touch with James Lake by email on [email protected].
  7. Please do not take photographs during a session except by prior arrangment with the coach.  Cameras may never be used in the changing areas.  For more information about photography, please see our Photography guidance on the Codes of Conduct page.