Training guidance for swimmers

All swimmers are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct in all club activities.  But that is expressed in very general terms (you could paraphrase it as, "Be nice; and let us know if anyone isn't being nice to you").  So we've set out here some of the things which we're always telling you to do or not to do.  We hope that will let you know what to expect.

General expectations

  1. Arrive for your session on time so you are on poolside, changed and ready to start the pre-swim warm-up, 10 minutes before your session starts.
  2. Have all your training equipment ready before the start of the session.
  3. Make sure you get into the water on time, no excuses.
  4. Do not leave the pool except with the permission of the coach; if you do leave the pool, rejoin the session as soon as possible at one of the ends.
  5. Show respect for your coach and fellow swimmers at all times (no inappropriate comments, arguing or talking over someone).
  6. When you have finished, put away all equipment you have used.
  7. Complete your pre- and post-swim exercises: prevention is better than cure.
  8. Maximise your session: commit, enhance and maintain.
  9. Strive to motivate others both in the pool and outside of it.
  10. This is your journey; take ownership of your development.

Changing rooms

  1. Remove your shoes before going into the changing village.
  2. When the changing cubicles are in use, girls should change in the cubicles on the left as you go in; boys on the right.  (See the Changing Room Rules for more details.)
  3. Do not leave any belongings in cubicles.  Either give them to parents/ carers, take them on to poolside or use the lockers.
  4. Cameras may never be used in changing areas, for any reason.
  5. At Meadowlands, after changing for the session please wait by the showers until a coach arrives.

Pre-swim warm up

  1. Wait until a coach is present.
  2. The exercises are here.

Session skills and technique

  1. Do the sets given by the coach.  If you don't, you'll cheat yourself and confuse everyone else. 
  2. If it is backstroke, start on your back.
  3. Work out when to take your first kick and to break your streamline.
  4. Always use the clock: allow 5 sec between swimmers; note the time when you set off and when you finish.
  5. Concentrate: the right skills from end to end.
  6. Never stop during the distance, even if someone touches your feet.
  7. If you catch someone up, either overtake or cut the corner.
  8. Fly kick sets: on your side or your back.
  9. Turn on the middle white (or black) tiles.
  10. Finish on the wall: run swimmers over if they are blocking your way.
  11. Only talk when the work is done.
  12. Be a team: support, encourage, achieve.


  1. Shower and change sensibly: don't run or mess around in the changing area or the showers.
  2. Please put all litter in the litter bins provided.  Don't leave any litter lying around in the changing area or elsewhere. 


  1. If you aren't sure about something, or need help, then ask!
  2. Keep smiling!