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Henley Open Water Swim

Polly Wiseman
Henley Open Water Swim Recap
Braving the wind, rain and “freezing” (Thea!) temperatures, 18 hardy TSC swimmers competed in the Henley Open Water Swim on Saturday. We entered the Club competition so we could compete together and they all had a great time.  Especially since this may be the only competition until November, they were all glad they went.  Besides all that, they swam great, too.  After a four month layoff and with less than a month of training, the swimmers competed in either an 800 meter or 1 mile swim in the Thames.
Though we were supposed to enter 15 seconds apart (due to social distancing) the officials allowed us to enter (jump off the steps) two at a time so we could race.  We also sent swimmers off in reverse order so that the faster swimmers were chasing the ones in front of them.  At one point, about 7-8 swimmers were all together and even the race announcer commented on how hard they were racing.  So they had a great time but even better results.  Here are the Final Placings:
Mile Swim
    Age Group Overall
Ben FS 1st  2nd 
Rhea 1st  2nd 
Sarah 2nd 3rd
Ella W. 2nd 4th (7 sec separating Sarah and Ella)
Poppy 3rd 5th
Holly 4th 6th (1 sec separating Poppy and Holly!!)
Tommy 3rd 7th
Phoebe 1st 7th
Yahya 4th 8th
Anabel 2nd 8th
Rory 8th 14th
Tom FS 4th 15th
Ava 4th 11th
800 Meters
Fabio 1st 1st
Elodie 1st 1st
Thea 2nd 2nd  (2 sec separating Elodie and Thea!)
Kyla 1st 3rd
Millie 2nd 4th
Congrats to all our Open Water Swimmers!  The best part of this was that not only did they all finish so highly but 15 of the 18 swimmers had never competed in an Open Water race before.  Hope we can get double the number of swimmers next year!!

More photos: