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Jan Shepherd - Development Head Coach 

Other Coaches
Sarah Whitbread - Learn 2 Swim co ordinator & Dev Coach

Development Squads Structure and Criteria
The Development Squads are managed by the Development Head Coach, Jan Shepherd

There are three specific levels

  • Development & Development +2
  • Advanced Development  
  • Development Academy

Swimmers join from TSC Teaching Scheme & external Learn to Swim Programmes. via assessment 

To join Development, our entry squad, the following standard of swimming is required:

  •     25m front crawl with regular breathing to the side
  •     25m backstroke with good body position & straight arm recovery.
  •     25m breaststroke with a symmetrical leg kick.
  •     10m Butterfly with dolphin kick and symmetrical arms

To ensure our swimmers are given the best chance to reach their full potential, that they enjoy swimming and get as much out of the sport as possible now & in the future we follow the

Swim England Athlete Development Support Pathway for Swimming (ADSP)

The model is a framework for the development of children’s physical literacy (fundamental movement skills and sport specific skills) and aims to encourage lifelong participation in sport and physical activity (in this case aquatics). Specifically, it talks about how much training and competing each child should do as they develop. It is all about getting the right balance: a concept Teddington SC supports from Development to National Squad.

Attendance: ALL Development swimmers are expected to attend regularly to retain a place in the squad, if swimmers do not attend the Development Head Coach may suggest a move to a different group or the TSC Teaching Scheme.


Swimmers joining  will need their own equipment. Some second-hand items are available.

All equipment & water bottles should be marked with the swimmer’s name

  • Water bottle - no glass & no clear plastic lids
  • Training Fins (these have a short blade, which help to build muscle by adding resistance to your kick, they increase the surface area of the foot, providing added propulsion and increased speed while swimming)
  • Kick Board
  • Pull Buoy
  • Equipment Bag

Competition: Development swimmers are encouraged to enter competitions within the club e.g. Development Galas, Club Championship, Borough Championship, County Development Competitions and local Open meets to develop to refine their skills. Swimmers should be available to represent TSC, if selected. This will primarily be the MK&D Junior League in June/July/September & County Relays between January & March.

Dev 1 / 2 – Termly Development Galas/Time Trials – 25m, 50m events & 100IM

Dev +2 - Termly Development Galas/ Time Trials – 50m 200FR & 100IM

Ad Dev – Termly Development Galas/Time Trials  – 100IM & 200m, Club Champs, Borough Champs or Open Meets may be recommended from time to time.

Dev Academy - Dev Galas/ Time Trials – all events + Club Champs – All events for age group, Borough Champs & Open Meets as recommended for Squad & County Championships for swimmers who qualify.

Please note the coaching Team select meets for the squads in consultation with the Open Meet Team, squad recommendations are made to ensure that swimmers

  • have a balance of training & competition,
  • can attend and support each other
  • are prepared for the Meet.

Swimmers may meet the published eligiblity criteria for meets recommended for another squad, or the Development Head Coach will occasionally recommend a swimmer enters a meet aimed at another squad. An entry should only be submitted with the agreement of the Development Head Coach. 


Development 1/ 2 – Widths Saturday/ Teaching Pool or Lengths Sunday 

Age: 7 – 11 for boys and girls

The criteria for Development are, swimmers must;

  • Be able to swim 25m front crawl with breathing to the side regularly and without struggle
  • Be able to swim 25m back crawl with straight-arm recovery and strong leg kick
  • Be able to swim 25m breaststroke with legal arm pull & leg kick and an idea of the timing
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Butterfly, dolphin kick and symmetrical arm movements

Entry will be from Teaching Scheme if the swimmer reaches the above criteria, or directly from an assessment.

Progression will be on stroke technique and skill criteria at the discretion of the Development Head Coach, Jan Shepherd.  Swimmers are regularly reviewed and progress when spaces are available and stroke technique is ready a swimmer willl move groups. Swimmers progressing to Dev +2 are expected to be able to complete a 100m IM swim legally.


Development +2 - Lengths Saturday / Lengths Sunday

Age: 8 – 12 for boys and girls

Development +2 swim for 30 minutes Saturday and  1 hour on Sunday. The group will usually focus on stroke technique + starts  & turns during one session & will swim a training set on Sunday. 

Progression swimmers move from this squad group will usually be to  Ad Dev 1 based on age, the Development Coaches assessment of the swimmer’s stroke technique and skill criteria. 


Advanced Development 1 & 2 - Lengths

Age: Ad Dev 1 - 8 – 12  school years 3 to 7 

         Ad Dev 2  - 11 - 13 - school years 6 - 8 

The criteria for Advanced Development are swimmers must;

  • Be building on and improving skills gained in Development.
  • Be able to swim longer distances in training.
  • Show improvement on all four strokes with drills based on the ADSP model.
  • Show further development of turns and starts
  • Be able to attempt IM training and swim an IM race legally

Movement from Dev +2 to Advanced Development 1 will be made by the Development Head Coach, usually termly.

Movement from one lane to the next within Ad Dev 1 to Ad Dev 2 will be on stroke technique, skill criteria and speed at the discretion of the Development Head Coach. On occasions swimmers will be grouped by age.

Swimmers moving from Ad  Dev 1 to Ad Dev 2 will usually  have recorded a 200 Frontcrawl time under 3:50 & 100IM under 1:45

Progression Movement from this squad will usually be to Competitive Potential, Club Squad or Development Academy, as recommended by the Development Head Coach. Reviews are ongoing, age, commitment to training, ability to achieve training criteria for the target squad, achievement in competitions, including Open Meets, will all play a part in determining what the Development Head Coach recommends. Space in the target squad will impact when the move takes place.


Development Academy & Development Academy+/++/ RED , Sets based on lengths

Age: 9 - 12 for boys and girls

Swimmers moving into Development Academy must be:

  • Working towards 200m swims with legal strokes, starts and turns for freestyle & form events  

Swimmers entering the squad will usually have 200M Freestyle and 100IM times faster than the times below




9 & under



10 & above




Aim: Competitive/ Physical Development

Swimmers are expected to attend regularly, take part in competitions and demonstrate progression through improved swim times to retain a place in the squad.

Development Academy+ /++/RED  as swimmers progress the Development Head Coach may invite swimmers to attend additional sessions. Initially the Mall & a morning in Dev Ac + & then a weekday evening at Teddingon Dev AC++. Dev Ac RED are allocated 6 sessions a week including two weekday morning and a weekday evening when they train along side one of the Performance Squads.

Progression Movement from this squad will usually be to one of the Performance Squads. Commitment to training, ability to achieve training criteria for the target squad, achievement in competitions will all play a part in determining the swimmer’s pathway.



Updated January 2023


Arrive Swim Ready - Swimwear under outdoor clothing eg Robe, onesie or track suit, flip flops or sliders for use at poolside


All Parents should check their contact details on Team Unify are up to date.


Development Squad & Teaching Scheme Main Pool Swimmers Parents – are encouraged to wait outside.


Teaching Scheme - Teaching Pool Parents are permitted on the balcony, during their child’s lessons to the right (Teaching Pool end). PARENTS MUST sit on the bench at the back – if parents stand at the front of the balcony they will be asked to sit down. Parent standing to the front distracts swimmers.


Swimmer to enter via the Front entrance - Main pool to the balcony and should wait to the left Main Pool end, Teaching pool Pupils to wait near the stairs


Swimmers arriving from another activity that prevented the arriving swim ready should arrive 10 mins before the session and request permission to use the changing rooms, once changed they should proceed to the balcony or near the stairs as directed in 4 above


Swimmers may use the toilets.


Outdoor shoes MUST be removed before entering pool hall & retained by swimmer


Swimmers allocated area to leave their belongs at poolside


Quick Ready to swim


After the session ALL swimmer should collect their belongings and proceed to the changing room to get changed and depart via the front entrance – swimmer may use the showers, however the number of showers is limited so where possible swimmers should plan on showering at home.


Use of - robe, onesie or tracksuit after the session will allow swimmers to depart quickly and is encouraged.


Parents of Teaching Scheme Teaching Pool swimmers/ those 8 & under may meet their child in the changing room AFTER the session to help the dress.


Belongs MUST not be left in changing cubicles, the public have access to the area, it is not secure, and reserving a cubicle in this way prevents others from changing quickly & creates unnecessary congestion.


Pool Plan