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Pre-Squad Swim Scheme

 April 2023

Teddington Swimming Club Pre Squad Swim Scheme (Teaching Scheme) offers sessions in efficient & legal stroke technique for children wanting to progress to club level swimming.

Swim England/IOS qualified teachers provide:

    Lessons for water confident children rising 6 years, usually in Year 1 
    SE influenced programme
    Multiple sessions times in the Teaching Pool Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre
    Annual Registration Fee £25  plus  £9.90 per half hour paid by the term

Class availability is dependent on age and current level. 

Classes are on:

    Saturday and Sunday evenings from 3.50pm - 7:20pm from beginners to pre club swimmers at Teddington Pools 

    Classes are 30 minutes

TSC Pre Club does NOT offer Saturday / Sunday Morning, any weekday swimming or private( 1-2-1) classes

Streamlining & correct stroke technique are the build blocks for a competitive swimming, Hence TSC Pre Club Swim Scheme focuses on stroke skills.  As we are focusing on stroke technique the majority of the classes take place in the Teaching Pool at Teddington where the Teachers/coaches can easily review and correct pupils.

Only older Pupils, 10+ are allocated the Main Pool. The Main pool places are very limited, swimmer offered the Main pool are expected to be able to swim Front crawl, Backstroke & Breaststroke but may have one or more technical issues that need to be addressed before they are invited to join TSC Development.

When a pupil can demonstrate 

  •     front crawl kicking from the hips, with regular breathing to the side and smooth arm stroke
  •     backstroke kicking from the hips, good body position & straight arm recovery.
  •     breaststroke with a symmetrical leg kick, legal arm pull  & correct timing.
  •     butterfly with dolphin kick and symmetrical arms

they will be invited to join TSC Development 

Please complete the form below to register your interest 


Waiting Time

Enquiries placed

February - May  - offer of a place September / October

June - September  - offer of a place January/ February 

October - January - offer of a place April/ May 

We recommend continuing with your current learn to swim programme while waiting for a place.

Any other queries please contact [email protected].