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If you have a child taking lessons through TSC's Teaching Scheme you should read the following information and guidance. 

  • Parents/Guardians should be local to the pool while their child is in lessons

  • We recommend full one-piece costumes for girls, and trunks/jammers for boys Shorts could hinder your child's progress, as they trap water/air can create drag.

  • We strongly recommend the use of goggles; please make sure they are correctly adjusted before the lesson. A spare pair is often useful. Goggles can be adjusted at home and checked in the bath.

  • Swimmers with long hair MUST wear a swimming hat, please make sure this is fitted before the start of the lesson. Lycra hats work well for younger pupils. Don’t forget short hair can still cover a pupil’s eyes, when it’s wet.

  • Jewellery: No jewellery or watches should be worn except stud earrings or medical bracelets. Please leave all jewellery and watches with parents.

  • No parents/carers are allowed to sit on the poolside during lessons.

  • Pupils should arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of the lesson.

  • ALL Pupils MUST follow the instructions given by the teacher during the lesson. If your child fails to follow instruction and as a consequence is hindering the progress of others in the class or breaches the pools health & safety rules you may be asked to make alternative learn to swim arrangements.

  • Parents are not required to be in the water.

  • Please inform staff of any health problems such as asthma and diabetes at the time of enrolment or as and when they arise. Any medication required during the lesson should be made available on the poolside.

  • Lessons times may change if the current ability group is not suitable for a pupil.

  • Clothes should not be left in the changing cubicles.

  • Please ensure your child uses the toilet before the lesson

  • Pupils should listen to their teacher’s instructions and follow them for their own health and safety.

  • Pupils should cooperate with other children in their class.

  • Pupils should display a reasonable behaviour before, during and after the lessons.

  • Please do not eat or drink on the poolside.

  • It is recommended that your child should not eat substantial meals of any kind less than 2 hours prior to swimming.

  • All swimming aids which are necessary will be provided by the swimming instructor.

  • In the interest of hygiene please ensure that outdoor footwear is not worn on the poolside, please use the blue covers provided.

  • Children must not enter the water until instructed to do so and must leave once their lesson has finished.

Reviewed 3 January 2022