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UPDATED  11 November 2022


Arrive Swim Ready - Swimwear under outdoor clothing eg Robe, onesie or track suit, flip flops or sliders for use at poolside


All Parents should check their contact details on Team Unify are up to date.


Squad & Teaching Scheme Main Pool Swimmers Parents – are asked to wait outside.


From 13 November Teaching Scheme Teaching Pool Parents are permitted to wait and sit on the balcony to the right (Teaching Pool end). PARENTS MUST sit on the bench – if parents stand at the front of the balcony they will be asked to sit down. Parent standing to the front distracts swimmers


Swimmer to enter via the Front entrance - Main pool to the balcony and should wait to the left Main Pool end, Teaching pool Pupils to wait near the stairs


If swimmers are not ready to swim on arrival, they should use the changing rooms and return to the balcony or wait by the stair as directed in 4 above


Swimmers may use the toilets


Outdoor shoes MUST be removed before entering pool hall & retained by swimmer


Swimmers allocated area to leave their belongs at poolside


Quick Ready to swim


After the session ALL swimmer should collect their belongings and proceed to the changing room to get changed and depart via the front entrance – swimmer may use the showers, however the number of showers is limited so where possible swimmers should plan on showering at home.


Use of - robe, onesie or tracksuit after the session will allow swimmers to depart quickly and is encouraged.


Parents of Teaching Scheme Teaching Pool swimmers/ those 8 & under may meet their child in the changing room AFTER the session to help the dress.


Swimmers arriving from another activity that prevented the arriving swim ready should arrive 10 mins before ethe session and request permission to use the changing rooms, once changed they should proceed to the balcony or near the stairs as appropriate

15 Belongs MUST  not be left in changing cubicles, the public have access to the area, it is not secure, and reserving a cubicle in this way prevents others from changing & creates unnecessary conjestion.