Teddington Swimming Club


SwimMark Club
Club Mark



1 Arrive Swim Ready - Swimwear under Robe or track suit, flip flops or sliders
2 No parents to enter the facility expect Coach Liaison/ COVID Liaison 
3 Swimmer to enter via the Front entrance 
5 Hands sanitised on entry
4 10 Minutes prior to session swimmer can go to the balcony 
5 Shoes off on entering Pool Hall & retained by swimmer
6 Swimmers will be directed to where to leave their cloths based on whether they need to dress before departing 
7 Quick Ready to swim 
9 Use of showers to be avoided 
10 After session/lesson Swimmers using public transport, cycling, walking, UNDER 8  will collect their cloths and go to the changing rooms to dress
11 Those leaving quickly should put a robe, onesie or tracksuit on and depart
12 Shoes on at the door ( please make sure outdoor trainers, shoes etc are not worn at poolside to avoid contamination from mud etc)
13 All swimmers to leave via the fire exit to the car park
14 Parents to collect children in the Car Park - near the small pool fire exits or schools changing door