Duties of parents (whilst children are members of the club)

There are two primary areas where parents are required to support their children while members of the Club.

1@ Training Sessions

  • Swim Ireland stipulate that for all training sessions there must be a parent present so that the coach can get on with coaching safely without being distracted by other things which may occur during the session e.g. A swimmer not feeling well and needs to go home. The parent on duty will take control of the situation
  • A parent on duty roster is made out and circulated to all members via email. The rosters are also displayed on the TSC noticeboard  inside the door. You usually would have no more than 1-2 sessions a month
  • It is the parents responsibility to check when they are on duty and to swap with another parent if cannot attend for their session.
  • If on duty you must sign the signing in book which is found on the pool deck.
  • All the duties expected of you are outlined on the inside cover of the book. Each book is clearly marked which squad it is for.

2@ Galas

  • For galas and competitions the club is often required to provide parents to do duties, for e.g. timekeeping or turn judges.
  • The club will do out a list of people required depending on what events your child is swimming in.
  • If you are required to do any of these duties you will be offered some training before the start of the gala.
  • Again it is vital to understand that without parents support it would be impossible to run these galas safely or efficiently.