Duties of parent on pool duty can be viewed by clicking here.

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Under Swim Ireland rules and regulations the club is obliged to have a responsible adult on the bank at all times during training sessions. Our continued affiliation to Swim Ireland is dependent upon our complying with these rules for which a set of guidelines are attached above.

Some important point to note: -

The rosters will be posted here at the club website and also accessible via the 'On Deck' mobile app. This is a free mobile app that will allow you to access your account and view all upcoming events.

The ONLINE Roster is posted as an EVENT and you can select what dates and sessions suit your schedule.

If you cannot attend at your allotted time it is your responsibility to contact one of the parents listed to make alternative arrangements. Failure of a parent to attend may cause the session to be cancelled.

The parent roster is there to protect our children, to safeguard their wellbeing and the wellbeing of everyone involved in their coaching.

Yours faithfully,

The Club Committee