The Club runs and participates in a number of meets during the season. These meets may involve a number of other clubs and will always have a large number of other swimmers. It is essential that swimmers and parents are well organised for all meets both in the run-up to the meet and at the meet itself.

Parents should familiarise themselves with entry criteria for the various meets their child might enter, particularly those where an Age Group or BAGCAT programme is to be used. Further details can be found on the ASA website and within the Long Term Athlete Development programme brochure which can be located at

When you are entering your child for a BAGCAT programme, please ensure that you have read the guidelines carefully and that you make entries for the full range of events that make up the BAGCAT programme. 

In the run-up to a meet, coaches will place an entry form in your child’s folder at the Haute Vallee pool. It is the responsibility of you and your child to empty this folder on a regular basis as it is an important medium for parental communication. Entry forms will always carry a close date and a request for accompanying payment to cover the meet entries. The Club does not accept entries received after the stated close date and will not accept entries without payment. This applies to all meets, including Club Championships.

Your child must be registered each year with the Amateur Swimming Association to compete in licensed meets. For the Club Championship programme the swimmer is only required to have a Level 1 membership. A Level 2 membership is required for all other Meets. 

The Club website carries details of season Personal Bests (“PB’s”) and this will help with the entry times that are required on every entry form. If you are uncertain which events to enter your child for you must speak with their coach.