2014/15 Season Results

Results now show if your time is a Qualifying time for Hamsphires and Southerns when available.  Hampshire and Southern and National times for 14 and under are short course, however National times for age 15 and above must be gained long course.  These qualifying times are based on your current age - you may move an age group before these meets.

Meet Date Result
Arena League 10/10/14 Result
Inter Insular 11/10/14 Result
Open meet - All clubs 26/10/14 Result
Open meet - Tigers 26/10/14 Result
Up & Comers - All clubs 8/11/14 Result
Up & Comers - Tigers 8/11/14 Result
Up & Comers - Time Trials 8/11/14 Result
Arena League 7/11/14 Result
Island Champs - Full results 23/11/14 Result
Island Champs - Tigers 23/11/14 Result
JSC Open Age Groups 30/11/14 Result
Arena League 13/12/14 Result
Derventio Christmas Cracker 19/12/14 Result
CI Champs 23/01/15 Result
Hampshire 1st Weekend 1/3/15 Result
Hampshire 2nd Weekend 7/3/15 Result
Hampshire Youth 15/3/15 Result
Scottish Nationals 5/4/15 Result
KillerWhales 11/5/15 Result
Island Champs - All Clubs 26/4/15 Result
Island Champs - Tigers 26/4/15 Result
Junior Meet 16/5/15 Result
Plymouth Leander 22/5/15 Result
Beau Sejour Open Meet 22/5/15 Result
Island Games Jersey 2/7/15 Result
British Summer Champs 28/7/15 Result
English Summer Champs 4/8/15 Result


House Gala Results

House Gala's are being run for the 11 and under age group.  These are not licensed meets so the times are not official but we will keep a record of each events results and the running total of the teams points.

Team Oct Dec Jan March Total
Puffins 450 250 256 245 1201
Penguins 268 296 212 301 1077

October Gala Results

December Gala Results

January Gala Results

March Results