We run diving throughout the year for beginners and more experienced divers. We run trial sessions where our coaches will carry out an assessment for suitability to be invited into the Lessons programme or directly into the club.

Club is currently only looking for children between 6 and 12 years of age.

Masters registration will be reviewed on space availability.

All diving lessons at Amersham work towards Swim England Badge Scheme Stages 8-10 Diving & key movements within the ASC programme.


This recognised pathway and assessment criteria introduce children into the incredible sport of diving.  Our Lessons programme is the foundation to progress right the way through to competing at national levels.


The assessments are run on regular basis allowing children to progress through to the next level of lessons and through the pathway.


Beginners' Lessons run on Saturday afternoon subject to availability of spaces.  As the diver improves and gains confidence, we offer progression into squad structure and more sessions dependent on space availability. 


The club do not run a termly system - divers join the lessons programme or the club and commit to their regular weekly sessions throughout the year.  


The fees are based on a 46-week year paid monthly by direct debit through the Clubs on-line payment system.


Diving Trials

We generally run trials every other month on Saturdays and last between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on spaces in our lessons programme. To register for a please follow the link and fill in the questionnaire.  The Dive Team will only be in touch confirming participation when we run trials.

The participant should be a confident swimmer

Follow this Link to fill in Diving Trial Information

We have a limited number of spaces for trials and spaces will be awarded generally on a first come first basis within lessons classes with availability.

The coaches will make an assessment for the diver and entry into the club shortly after the trial.

If you need any further information at this stage, please contact [email protected]