Annual General Meeting 7th November!

Secretary @AmershamSC

Amersham Swimming & Diving Club Annual General Meeting
Date: Sunday 7th November 2020
Time: 4-5pm by Zoom call (link to follow in seperate email)
Venue: Where ever you want it to be!

We both want and need as many parents as possible to join the meeting. The club is run by the committee and a dedicated group of other volunteers (joining the AGM doesn't mean you will be press-ganged into volunteering...honest!) but we need parents to join and vote for the people they want to be on the committee and to hear from both parents and swimmers as to whether we are running the club in the right way. Its been a very different couple of years but we have exciting times ahead with a new pool so please support the club by joining to the AGM and bring any questions, comments or ideas you may have for the direction of the club in the future. If you prefer, please email any comments or questions you would like to be raised ([email protected]

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