New Amersham Swimming and Diving Club Website Layout

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Team Unify has updated their site template to a responsive mobile friendly solution and we have migrated all our content to the new layout.   For the most part everything is still here but we will still be testing links and reformatting content over the next week or so.  But all the mission critical stuff has been tested and the site is still fully functional.  Nothing on the billing or account management side of things has changed.  This update only changed the appearance and experience.

So what do you need to know?

The old website has been split into 2 separate websites.

  1. A "Team" website which contains all the main web pages for ASC. By default it only displays the public pages, but if you are signed in you will see the full website including member only pages.
  2. A "Back Office" website which contains the admin sections where you can update your address/email details, see your swimmers, see your itemised billing information or enter meet information. You have to be signed in to access this section of the website.

Main Menu & Sign In to access "Back Office"

Please note how to access the main menu. On a large screen it is accross the top, but on a mobile phone or smaller screen it is the "hamburger" (3 lines) icon on the top right hand side.

Click on  "SIGN IN" near the top right hand side. Once you have signed in you will now be on the "Back Office" website.

If you are already signed in then Click on the profile image near the top right and select "Back Office"

Back Office Website

You can now access the various Back Office items including Account Information, Invoices & Payments and Meets. To return to the Team website click on "View team website..." on the bottom left.

Once you have signed in, you can move seamlessly between the websites without having to sign in every time. 

Other information

If you are signed in on your desktop or laptop you will see your account name or a Sign-in button on the top right.  If you are on a mobile device you will see a "profile" image instead of your name.  Once you are signed in click on your name or profile image and follow the links to your account info.

Please take a few moments to get used to the new layout.  Team Unify has been working on this new framework for sometime and our experience with it over the last few weeks has been very positive.  It did take a few days to get used to the changes but we find the site is much easier to use on mobile devices and even better than the full browser experience.

We know change can be challenging, but like us, we know that after a few days everyone will get the hang of things and we will all forget how the old one worked.

If you have any questions or issues please do not hesitate to ask

Ian Everett
Amersham Swimming Club
Membership & Website