Food for Swimmers


Breakfast cereal – any variety or mix 2 different ones together

Bread / toast / crumpet / muffin with jam or honey

To drink – juice, milk, tea or coffee


Roll or sandwiches with a filling

Cold pizza, pasta or rice with salad

Low fat yogurt or rice pudding / mousse / scone / fruit cake / pancake / muffin

Fruit, fresh or dried

If you have a school dinner

Baked potato


Pasta – spaghetti bolognaise or tuna bake

Dish with rice – chicken curry


Yogurt, fruit, biscuit and juice, crumble and custard

Stay away from fatty foods – chips pasties

If you come home from school hungry

Toast & cheese spread

Crumpet, pancake, muffins, bagels

Digestives, jaffa cakes, fig rolls

Banana or dried fruit


These are also good snacks to have before training in your kitbag or a bedtime snack


Meals are based on carbohydrates – plenty of potatoes, rice, pasta or bread

Keep chips to a minimum

Plus meat, fish, egg, cheese or a vegetarian choice


Pudding – fruit and ice cream, custard, rice pudding, yoghurt, jelly and fruit.


Most of the time water or squash is fine.  After training or a competition a sports can be taken if you do not feel like eating.  Avoid fizzy drinks before swimming as it can upset your tummy

Important point to remember

Eat plenty of carbohydrates at each meal – bread, cereals, potatoes, rice, pasta

Eat a snack before and after training to stock your muscles with fuel

Drink plenty of fluids, you still sweat when you swim, remember to keep drinking