Clevedon Amateur Swimming Club

Individual Medley Efficiency Test Sets

Every 6/8 weeks the teachers/coaches for all groups will conduct an IM Efficiency Test.  What is this?

This test is designed to ensure that the swimmer is swimming as efficiently as possible on all four strokes (the order on the spreadsheet is butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle), whilst still maintaining speed and keeping within 10% of their pb .  Within the test the following items are monitored and recorded:

  • Time

  • Whether the swimmer makes 5m (to the flags) at the start and on all turns

  • How many strokes the swimmer takes on each length

5 Penalty points are issued each time a swimmer fails to make the 5m flags.  These points, plus the number of strokes per length plus the time achieved are all added together to obtain an overall score.  The aim is to have as low a score as possible.

As a general rule, the butterfly and breaststroke stroke counts should match each other, as should the backstroke and freestyle stroke counts.  If these pairs do not match, it indicates to the swimmers and coaches which strokes need work.  For example, a swimmer who performed with the following stroke counts – 6 fly, 14 back, 9 breast and 12 free – would have to work on improving the breaststroke to match the fly and the backstroke to match the free.

So these tests will highlight which strokes need work, will encourage the swimmers to streamline off the wall for at least 5m and will develop their ability to maintain technique and long strokes, whilst racing at speed.