Clevedon Amateur Swimming Club

Nutrition for swimmers

It is important that swimmers, or any athletes, eat the right types of food to ensure they have the energy required for their training sessions and to enable them to compete to the best of their ability.

Common sense tells us that a diet of stodgy food, greasy burgers and chips and bottles of fizzy drinks are not going to provide anyone with a healthy balanced diet. But when we are swimming up to 50,000 metres per week it is even more vital that we refuel our bodies with foods and drinks that provide adequate amounts of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals.

We have supplied a number of information sheets to help any of our swimmers who wish to develop healthier eating habits. For those who already maintain a well balanced diet, the sheets may provide ideas for new snacks and meals and add a bit of variety.

The first sheet – Food for swimmers – gives suggestions for each meal, including school dinners and packed lunches.

The next sheet – Fluids – explains why it is so important to drink plenty whilst you are swimming and talks about different types of sports drinks and how you can make your own.

The food portions and food group guide explains what is included in each food group, what is an average portion and how many portions you should try and eat.

The high energy eating plan gives examples of menus which you may like to try.

Finally there are two recipe sheets for delicious flap jacks, energy bars and muffins. Enjoy!

All information and recipes provided are as recommended by the English Institute of Sport