Clevedon Amateur Swimming Club


The second level of sessions within the club.

  • AGE GROUPS:  Boys 9-12 / Girls 8-11
  • SESSIONS:  2 x 1 hour
  • AIM:  Improve skill, distance and speed in all four strokes / Intro to test sets / Competitive Start Award


Head Teacher - Sally Foster.  Email:  [email protected]

Level 2 Teachers - Jane Smith, Fran Chambers, Dave Stewart, Jon Gall



The following equipment is required for the Advanced group sessions: - hat, goggles (properly adjusted), drink – preferably water or well diluted squash (at least ½ litre per half hour), fins, kickboard. Also, swimmers should have easy access (i.e. not buried at the bottom of a bag locked in a locker in the changing room!) to spare goggles (properly adjusted) and hat – since these items do break.



Team Competitions - such as Four Seasons, Mini Series and so on. Teams are selected for these Competitions, and posted on the Notice Board in good time. If you are selected for a Competition, then you should make every effort to compete in it, and tick your name at the earliest opportunity.

Open Competitions such as the Somerset’s and Clevedon and Chard Open. These Competitions usually (but not always) have qualifying times for each event, and if you qualify you should enter. Sheets showing who has qualified for a particular event are usually placed in the plastic document holders on the notice board and are also available from the website. The members manning the Desk on Tuesday and Thursday also have details of these. Do not hesitate to ask if you are not sure.

There are also internal opportunities to obtain times, either for monitoring progress or for qualifying for Open Competitions. These are:

Development Gala– 25s and 50s for Improvers and Advanced group. This is held in May (see Gala Diary for exact date)

Club Championships– All distances for all strokes. These are held from about September until November – different events on different nights, culminating in the main Championships (50's, 100's and 200's) in late November. You should enter as many as you can – and your teacher thinks suitable – since these events count towards the overall Club Championships.

Time Trials– These may be held as and when required. However, there will be formal trials held to qualify for the Clevedon and Chard meet in late March or early April.