Who We Are

Watford Swimming Club aims to promote competitive swimming locally. We create an atmosphere where all swimmers can experience the fun of competition and reach their full potential. Over the past few years the club has gone from strength to strength. This has has therefore resulted in a club rapidly heading towards performance level. The swimmers in our club compete at their own level of ability and can go as far as possible. This may be from Club, County, Regional, National standards and beyond.

The club maintains and ethos where members will find swimming an enjoyable and sociable experience. As a result, all members are likely to find friends for life. As well as the swimming side of the club there is a good social side with trips, discos, evenings out and abroad camps.

Our Vision

Watford Swimming Club offers its members and staff a positive environment. Therefore, we promote the skills of commitment and dedication in a constructive atmosphere where hard work and fun is the norm.

We strive to be recognised by British Swimming and Swim England as a crucial programme for developing young talented swimmers in the UK. For instance, club offers a tiered squad system allowing swimmers to fulfil their full potential in the sport. The Team and its staff strive to value positivity, enthusiasm and acceptance. This is all held within a mind‐set that our individuals and the team will be the best of the best.


Our Objectives

  • To provide the highest standard of competitive swimming coaching and training possible.
  • To promote lifelong positive values, skills and qualities in our athletes.
  • To enhance the status and reputation of competitive swimming in Watford, it’s wider community and in the East of England.
  • To increase external engagement and attraction by promoting and advocating the values of Watford Swimming Club in the wider community. As a result, this will lead to the attraction of swimmers with excellent character and potential.