My journey was a very unplanned series of events. My schooling was not good and I decided to work on the “Duke of Edinburgh Award” as a teenager. I was never taught to swim but as a child visited the pool regularly, alone, financed by an annual season ticket. I was a late joiner to Finchley Swimming Club, and later also joined Finchley School of Swimming and Lifesaving. My passion grew and I developed all round interest whilst continuing with other hobbies I managed to squeeze in.

My Teachers qualifications then were 2 levels in swimming and lifesaving which were all submitted as part of the D o E award I was working towards. I became passionate about passing on the skills and teaching to a high standard.

I volunteered at my own clubs and in Scouting.

I started teaching schools in The London Borough of Brent, conveyer belt teaching, where I learnt how to get the messaged across to children who perhaps did not have the flare for swimming at that particular time; There I also had the opportunity to teach disabled and special needs pupils. I was known as the “Swimming Lady” (I heard whispers in the supermarket).

I was approached by the PE advisor to train the school teachers and therefore I trained as an ASA Tutor. I was, with maternity gaps, training swimming teachers for levels 1 and 2 for 30 years. 

As part of updating and broadening my knowledge, in 1980s I took some swimming coaching courses.

I returned to professional teaching with Watford Council in the 1980s. By this time had a keen interest in Coaching, and Volunteered to Coach for Watford Swimming Club in addition. 

In the 1990s, I studied Sports injuries and qualified as a YMCA fitness Instructor.

I set up a business combining my qualifications; teaching, running swimming teacher, lifeguard and lifeguard trainer/assessor courses.

I returned to Watford Swimming Club in 2008 to build and run the School of Swimming. My passion for coaching continued. 

 I have since retired from several roles and remain here with a passion to coach swimming in the town near to my home. 



Qualifications span over a long period. I updated the previous coaching qualifications in 2010 to the Level 2 Swimming Coach.  I have attended various coaching seminars, conferences, CPDs. My Swim teaching is now considered equivalent to level 2. I retain an interest to attend CPDs when available.



I consider that I have a duty to provide to the best of my ability and the swimmers and parents deserve the best that I can give. I am passionate about skill and strongly believe that skill comes first, along with endurance.  I would hope and expect to facilitate swimmers reaching their full potential with good habits from the outset.



My own swimming background, started at age 9 years, as a non-swimmer I walked around doing an arm action and Eve’s dropping on a private teacher. Unfortunately walking did not help the leg action. My brother accidently too, I think, taught me to streamline float with his “Bet you can’t do this!” line, Well I worked on it. Later I watched Bobby McGregor on TV. I did compete for Finchley Swimming Club, mostly Freestyle and occasionally Breast stroke early on. I remember looking at the water and being desperate to get in and swim; looking back I think it was great for mental health as I just entered into a different world. 



Ballroom and Latin American dancing; Hill walking holidays; cycling; Allotment gardening; attempting to learn a language; trying out new, or returning to old activities. DIY, I don’t like to pay for something if I could possibly do it myself.