Coaching Background:

I started my Coaching journey at 15/16 as part of my DofE in a voluntary role at Hatfield in the Junior and Varsity Section at the time of Ian Wright was Head Coach and Kevin Pickard. I found a strong passion for coaching and reviving praise & seeing improvements gave me motivation. As it went on I started to help out more with the slightly older squads. I found this to be the part where I found my own ways/style of my learning. I was at Hatfield for 8 years as a swimmer making it up to regionals when Nick Juba was Head Coach, however had the opportunity to swim with national swimmers and swimmers that’s have gone on to represent in GB in Junior and Senior teams. 

I moved to City of St Albans SC for swimming reasons, I volunteered 5 times a week whilst still swimming, playing football and my GCSE’s. As an off chance I applied for a coaching role which they appointed me and at 17 I did my Level 1 and Level 2 coaching qualification. I coached alongside Pete Downham, whom had a national winning junior programme at Norwich. I coached a Junior Development squad and coached junior performance squad during the week.

In the 2017-2018 season, this time for Uni reasons at 18, I left to go to Bournemouth University, not knowing if I could carry on coaching. An opportunity came at Poole SC under GB recognised Barry Alldrick whom National Performance Coach of the Year 2018. At Poole Swimming Club I initially started as an Age Group Potential but later became the Youth Potential Coach, coaching athletes from non-county up to National Level to swimmers ages from 12-18. I was given the opportunity to to cover Barry on occasions in which I coached there European Juniors swimmers and National champions my own Throughout this time o became a Dorset Skills Coach and a South West Skills Coach to talented 12 year olds in the region from clubs such as Mount Kelly, Poole, Bristol, Plymouth and Millfield. sessions. At Poole was able to use camera technology to do video analysis on technique and ram stroke clinics. Also running land training sessions. 

Unfortunately I left Poole, which I was gutted about as I wasn’t too keen on my university course. I was appointed as a Full time Lead Junior Coach at Wycombe District which through that time became a National Performance Centre under Olympic Coach Kevin Brooks. I ran 4 of the Junior programmes, coaching kids up to regional levels and placing Para swimmers on GB elite squads and lower. Enabling me to go to Para Camps in Manchester with the GB coaches and coaching at the British Para International Meet through Wycombe. Throughout the week I led sessions or assisted throughout the programme from the Performance section, Competitive Section, Development Section and Masters Section of the club which consisted of National Swimmers and below. Whilst not on poolside, I was learning from the Head of Preparation and S + C Gemma Hathaway and taking land sessions to junior performance and competitive squads. 

The start of this season I went back to Uni to study Sports Management and been coaching at Chesham the Junior Performance keeping me coaching, and placed multiple swimmers on Swim England Pathway Camps.

Coaching Philosophy/Aims:

‘You can’t expect them to be consistent, if you’re not consistent yourself’

Love coaching details and technique, to then transferring it into the whole picture in different circumstance and conditions, through rehearsal of details and the transfer of learning.

Personal Interests:

Avid Leeds United fan, love football. Love Mexican food.