Meet Our Coaches

Head Coach

Jamie Irvine is our Head Coach. Jamie oversees the coaching programme across the club, and has responsibility for coaching our Performance, Senior Competitive and Club Squads.















Assistant Head Coach

Tom Sullivan is our Assistant Head Coach. Tom is responsible for coaching across a number of squads at Watford and is directly responsible for coaching the Junior Competitve Squad. He also leads our land training programme.


Squad Coaches

We have a team of excellent and experienced coaches who oversee our Junior Competitive and Development Squads.  Claire Houchin coaches our Junior Squads while Jack Ryan works across a number of our sqauds



Claire Houchin our Junior development coach



Assistant Coaches

We also are proud to have some enthusiastic and knowledgeable assistant coaches at Watford. These coaches give up their own time to support our lead coaches in delivering quality and productive training sessions. All of our assistant coaches are now Level 1 and 2 qualified.