I joined WSC in 2013 with my twin boys James and Pedro.

I continue to swim with masters and Felipe my youngest swims in Josie’s squad.

I am a British Swimming Judge level 2, Open water coach Level 2 and Swim England Coach Level 2.

I’ve competed in all the Outdoor Swimming Societies events and most of the British Long Distance Swimming Association races.

On the 19th September 2014 I successfully completed a solo crossing of the English Channel in a time of 16hrs 25mins.

I also crossed the Channel with a relay swim in April 2017 that took the record for the earliest crossing when water temperatures barely reached 8C.

I still love competing and enjoy introducing swimmers to the challenges and rewards of open water swimming.

Long distance swimming builds a high level of fitness and stamina but more importantly you develop mental strength and determination that can be applied in all areas of life.

Why not join our open water group and explore life outside your comfort zone.