I agree that the information given here and any subsequently provided or collected, may be held on computer and provided to third parties only in the pursuance of the legitimate activities of Watford Swimming Club and those of the Swim England.

The annual members' subscription, coaching and squad fees (as applicable) will be known as 'Squad Fees' and payable in monthly instalments via the on-line system. The Committee shall be allowed to make special provision for different classes of membership as it shall determine.

The Squad Fees shall be due on joining the Club and thereafter monthly on the 1st day of every month. One months' notice is required for termination of membership.

Sibling discount will apply to children in full-time education. The discount will be £5 per child for the second and third child only. The discount will apply after the parent adds the child to their account and sets up payment on the on-line system.

When joining the club you agree to make timely payments for your membership fees and gala fees and the club reserves the right to stop swimmers from swimming if a payment is more than 2 weeks late, and to withdraw them/ not enter them for future galas as a result. If for some reason you are unable to make the payment then please contact both the treasurer and membership secretary as soon as you know. Late payments may incur an additional fee of £20.

Swimmers will be charged the appropriate category of Swim England membership on joining the club.  This provides insurance for the swimmer. 

Watford Swimming Club operates a Code of Conduct for all its members (Swimmers, Coaches, Teachers, Parents, Officials and Volunteers) details of which can be found on the club website. In joining Watford Swimming Club all Swimmers and Parents/Guardians are requested to adhere to the Club Codes of Conduct. It is our aim to achieve a good standard of behaviour and discipline across the club. Failure to comply could result in your membership being cancelled.

If, due to illness, a member is unable to swim for a continuous period of 1 month or more, the swimmer will be moved to a squad fee of £20 per month . This arrangement must be agreed with the Head Coach and Club Committee and supported with official medical evidence such as correspondence from your Doctor or a photocopy of a Hospital Discharge Form. It is the responsibility of the swimmer/parent/guardian to contact the Welfare Officer with the details of any medical condition and how long it is expected to last. Individual cases will be discussed by the Committee in order to make a decision on fees, however, medical information will NOT be divulged. 

To safeguard your children you need to inform the coach of any sessions that your child may miss, and you must see your child into the water at each session.

I accept the Rules and Constitution of Watford Swimming Club and confirm my understanding and acceptance that such Rules and Constitution (as amended from time to time) shall govern my membership of the Club.